Governors Harbour Beach

Not the cleanest beach, Governor's Harbour is used namely for fishing. The sand portion of the beach is generally covered in algae and other things that are washed ashore with the tide. However, guests still come here for a quiet stroll along the shore, or to watch the fishermen in their boats.

Located near the heart of Governors Harbour, this beach is on the South-Southeast edge of Eleuthera. You should think about stopping by even if you are not staying in the immediate vicinity. Peace and quiet is what you'll find at the majority of The Bahamas' beaches, but the ambiance at Governors Harbour Beach is one of both seclusion and activity; this means you can relax without having to travel too far from the buzz of the city.

How to Access The Beach
The beach is right off Haynes Avenue and is one of the easiest beaches to get to on the island.

Amenities and Ambiance

Governors Harbour Beach is located right on the community of the same name, and it is not uncommon for locals or tourist staying in the area to come to the beach for a quick cool off. While the beach is used mainly by fishermen, the clam water does allow for swimming and wading.

Of course, you could always try the shoreside restaurant right on Governors Harbour Beach, which is the ultimate convenience for beachgoers. There are an assortment of dining options in the Bahamas, but don't think that table-side service and a lengthy menu are necessary to enjoy a tasty meal. Many visitors, in fact, have lunch right on their towels in the sand. Sometimes, hotels offer to pack up on-the-go lunches for their guests. Or, it would be easy to grab some hot food from a street vendor or casual cafe along the way.

Governors Harbour Beach does have public restrooms for your convenience.

Governors Harbour Beach with its available comforts will be found inside a popular area that can get crowded. Taking that into consideration, if you're sure that the amenities can make or break a good time, it'll likely be a good cause to make it earlier in the day well before the crowds fill up or perhaps try a beach in a more remote area. If you arrive later, it's possible you may not use all the services which Governors Harbour Beach offers its guests.

What's Nearby


This spot is on the South-Southeast coast of Eleuthera. Guests might consider staying at the Duck Inn, which is found just a short distance away. Tourists could take a cab or probably walk to this property, one of the closest booking options accessible from Governors Harbour Beach, though you may not find too many additional attractions you can reach quickly.

Cities and Towns

Governors Harbour is the closest town and is an area with plenty to do, but yet isn't overcrowded. From the coast, Governors Harbour is a fairly short distance away, about a few hundred yards (a quarter kilometer).


The number of other people sharing spots in the sand can vary widely, depending on everything from the time of day to how many of the nearby hotel rooms have been booked. There are not many major hotels nearby, but it's often visited by guests from some of the area's smaller options.

Although beach-goers will find only a few hotels in the immediate vicinity, those accommodations closest to Governors Harbour Beach can be viewed in the list that follows.

Accommodations near Governors Harbour Beach
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Duck Inn 0.3 mi. N Cottages
Pineapple Fields Hotel Condo 2.3 mi. E Hotel


If you visit the beach around lunchtime this beach has many nearby restaurants, and you don't have to go far away. One of the nearest places to eat is Da Perk Coffee Shop. This restaurant has a menu featuring International food. They're also renowned for their coffee. Some guests will choose to take a cab here, while others will want to walk as it's not far off the beach at all.

Nearby restaurants are included in the following table.

Restaurants near Governors Harbour Beach
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Da Perk Coffee Shop (242) 332-2620 International Very Casual 0.2 mi. NE
Governor's Harbour Bakery -- -- -- 0.2 mi. E
Blue Room Restaurant & Bar 332-2736 -- -- -- --
Mark's Grill Burgers -- -- -- 0.2 mi. E
Buccaneer Club Restaurant (242) 332-2000 -- -- 0.2 mi. NE
Sunset Inn Restaurant and Bar (242) 332-2487 Caribbean Very Casual 0.8 mi. SE
1648 Bar & Grille (242) 699-5542 American -- 0.9 mi. NE
Bacchus Fine Foods (242) 470-9019 -- -- -- --
Bank’s Road Deli (242) 332-2221 European Very Casual 2.1 mi. E
Tippy's Restaurant (242) 332-3331 Caribbean Very Casual 2.3 mi. E
Bistro Restaurant (242) 332-3422 International Informal 2.9 mi. NW
Mate & Jenny's Restaurant & Bar (242) 332-1504 Eclectic Very Casual 4.8 mi. SE

Other Beaches

Vacationers in search of the perfect beach will have other options if Governors Harbour Beach doesn't suit their tastes.

Travelers may also want to consider Tippy's Beach, located two and a half miles to the east.

The Bahamas has some unforgettable natural wonders to explore, so visiting Governors Harbour Beach is just one way you can enjoy a sunny afternoon.


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