Sailing and Boating Near Governors Harbour

While it is easier to fly, avid sailors will find plenty of services waiting for them at Governor's Harbour

Photo credit: © Ali Bentley

Located nearly dead center on Eleuthera, Governor's Harbour is an option for those looking for a vacation of clear shallow waters, quiet beaches, and gentle sailing adventures. However, the shallow water and coral reefs make for some difficult approaches, especially when the tide is low. Still, an experienced sailor should be able to handle it, and an inexperienced one needs to learn eventually.


Governors Harbour is not the easiest of places to sail to, a fact that prevents many from deciding to sail over flying to the island. The waters are shallow, the tide is rough, there are few harbors, and the surrounding reef is a dangerous one. If you do make the decision to sail despite the conditions, you'll find local marinas to be welcoming and accommodating with full facilities for keeping your boat up and running and your spirits high.

Seriously considering visiting Governors Harbour using your own vessel, or a boat you charter in a different location? Take a look at the chart that follows for summary information for marinas in the area.

Name Phone Location
Governor's Harbour Anchorage -- Governors Harbour
Runaway Bay Marina (242) 332-1744 5.9 mi. (9.6 km) Southeast of Governors Harbour
Windmere Yacht Club -- 11.3 mi. (18.2 km) Southeast of Governors Harbour

...three ports of entry...


There are three ports of entry on Eleuthera, none of which are directly in Governors Harbour, so you'll have to first sail into North Eleuthera, Rock Sound, or Powell Point at Cape Eleuthera to gain clearance. As you sail into the area, call customs and immigrations officials over VHF radio channel 16, and make sure to fly your yellow quarantine flag. When you reach the dock, you'll have to present customs with the appropriate paperwork for your yacht and have each member aboard fill out immigration paperwork. Then, you'll pay between $150 and $300(USD) for a cruising and fishing permit, plus your departure fee for five guests. The price depends the size of your boat, and if you have more than five people aboard it will cost extra. Then, you will be free to sail to Governor's Harbour and around the rest of the Bahamas for up to 90 days.

If you've got the skills to pull it off, sailing to Governor's Harbour can be quite the adventure; still, even those who love the sport often avoid this destination in favor of locations in the Bahamas with more forgiving conditions. For those who are itching to get out on the water but don't want to sail on their own, there are plenty of opportunities to sign up for excursions, whether it be to fish or simply relax.


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