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Before the island of Providenciales became a popular tourist destination in its own right, and long before Grace Bay turned into the luxury resort strip that we see today, there was one attraction in the area that stood out among them all: the Bight.  Today it remains an important sight to see, and tourists are adding more and more to their list of must see spots in Grace Bay each time they visit.


Grace Bay Beach

There are several beaches to consider visiting in and around the area. Snorkeling is an option at several locations, if some members of your party enjoy the underwater scene. Click on the name of each beach to read a detailed article concerning that particular stretch of sand.

A beach scene where you can go snorkeling is Grace Bay Beach. Grace Bay Beach is often considered one of the best in the Caribbean for its perfect blue waters and powdery white sands, and in 2013, TripAdvisor went so far as to name it the second best beach in the world. The beach reclaimed this title in 2014, proving its consistency.

A second location to consider is Long Bay Beach. You can find Long Bay Beach just one street south of Man of War Road West. A paved, but bumpy road, leads right to the sand.

The Bight Beach: Many of the visitors coming to this beach will simply walk from their hotel or villa. However, if you will be driving, you can find parking right at the beach.

Of course, you will find plenty of other beaches to choose from in and around the area. Take advantage of this article if you want to find additional specifics.


If you like to learn about unfamiliar places and cultures, you should consider visiting a museum while on vacation in Grace Bay.

One popular destination is Turks & Caicos National Museum. It is located in Grace Bay. The Turks and Caicos National Museum is an independent non-profit organization that maintains a wonderful collection of artifacts pertaining to the history of the Turks and Caicos.

The following table enables you to learn more details concerning a museum in the area.

Museums In Grace Bay
Name Phone Location Island
Turks & Caicos National Museum (649) 941-9358 0.8 mi. South West of Central Grace Bay Providenciales

Historical Sites

Caicos Heritage House

If you like to explore the history of a foreign place, you might want to visit a historical site while on vacation in Grace Bay.

A landmark worth visiting is Caicos Heritage House. It is a part of The Regent Village and found within the heart of Grace Bay. The Turks and Caicos National Museum and the Caicos Heritage House opens at 9am and closes at 1pm Monday - Friday. They are closed weekends and holidays.

Another landmark that often intrigues visitors is Cheshire Hall. It is found within Five Cays Settlements, 5.0 mi. West of central Grace Bay. The Cheshire Hall is the ruins of a cotton plantation that was built around 1700. Guest can explore the ruins on guided tours and get a glimpse of the unsuccessful cotton history in the Caicos islands.

Take a moment to look through the following table for more information on historic sites in and around the area.

Historic Sites In and Around Grace Bay
Name Phone Location
Caicos Heritage House (649) 941-5358 Central Grace Bay
Cheshire Hall (649) 941-5710 Five Cays Settlements, 5.0 mi. West of Central Grace Bay


Although most visitors come for the beautiful water and coastline, those aren't the only way to experience the area's natural beauty. The one example is The Hole. It is located in Bringamosa, 1.5 mi. South of central Grace Bay. <p>The Hole is just that -- a hole in the ground on the island of Providenciales from which visitors are lowered down by rope to swim in the waters of Long Bay. This can be dangerous, so only the adventurous need apply.</p>

Botanical Gardens

Vacationers may also enjoy one of the botanical gardens nearby.

The gardens available are displayed directly below.

Gardens Near Grace Bay
Name Type Location
Tropical Garden Botanical Garden None, 5.3 mi. West-Southwest of Central Grace Bay
White House Coral Gardens Botanical Garden None, 5.3 mi. West-Southwest of Central Grace Bay

Zoos and Aquariums

Caicos Conch Farm

If the thought of spending part of a day surrounded by animals sounds like fun, you should visit Caicos Conch Farm. If you ever wanted to learn more about conchs, then this very specialized animal farm is definitely the place for you. Complete with a knowledgeable tour guide and hands-on exhibit, this little attraction can be very interesting.

Zoos Near Grace Bay
Name Type Location Island/th>
Caicos Conch Farm Zoo 2.5 mi. East-Northeast of Central Grace Bay Providenciales


Travelers do not usually go to Grace Bay to find gambling, although there is one such venue, Casablanca Casino. <p>Experience the thrill of the game when you place a bet and lay it all out on the line at Casablanca Casino in Grace Bay. There are 12 game tables, featuring Baccarat, Blackjack, Craps, Poker, and Roulette; and 85 slot machines with betting starting as low as one penny. Whether you're playing the games or enjoying a drink at the bar, the night is always young at Casablanca.</p>


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