Scuba Diving Near Grace Bay

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Grace Bay is one of the few placed in the Caribbean where properly certified and licensed scuba divers are able to dive on their own, without a guide.  Although it is always recommended that you use a local expert when you participate in this risky sport, highly trained individuals will find the privacy of this destination pleasurable. 

You'll find several dive services, a dive shop, and at least 8 good dive sites in the area.

Dive Operators and Shops

The dive shop available are listed down below.

Dive Shops Near Grace Bay
Name Type Phone Location Island
Dive Provo Boutique Dive Shop//12577 (649) 946-5040 Central Grace Bay Providenciales

If you want to go diving, you should consider Caicos Adventures. One of the oldest dive operation in the country, Caicos Adventures offers modern facilities, highly qualified instructors and guides, and an over-all love for the sport. They are located in western Grace Bay.

Another option is Big Blue Unlimited. A dive and watersports center which focuses on eco-friendly sports, Big Blue Unlimited strives to get every visitor in the water without destroying the environment for future adventurers. They can be reached at (649) 946-5034.

Still another option is Beaches Turks and Caicos Diving. Guests staying at Beaches are lucky to be able to dive as a part of the all-inclusive offerings that this chain of resorts promotes. Begin with training in the pool, then move to an open water dive if you're new to the sport, or get busy with a daily dive if you're already certified. They're found within western Grace Bay.

The following chart lists details concerning diving services in the area.

Dive Operators Near Grace Bay
Name Phone Location
Beaches Turks and Caicos Diving (649) 946-8000 The Bight, 1.5 mi. West-Southwest of Central Grace Bay
Big Blue Unlimited (649) 946-5034 2.3 mi. Northeast of Central Grace Bay
Caicos Adventures (649) 941-3346 The Bight, 2.0 mi. West-Southwest of Central Grace Bay

Dive Sites

Some information concerning some of the area's better-known dive sites are provided directly below.

Dive Sites Near Grace Bay
Name Latitude Longitude
Cathedral 21.8076816243 -72.1973037813
Coral Gardens 21.8111081828 -72.192840575
Fish Folly 21.8205905499 -72.1730995167
Graceland 21.8002704179 -72.203998575
Grouper Hole 21.7996328795 -72.2059726808
Pinnacles 21.8020236406 -72.2021102998
Piranha Cove 21.8045737468 -72.1998787019
Two Sharks 21.8153314995 -72.1814250934

For more information concerning snorkeling, including useful tips and suggestions for both "old pros" and beginners, read this extensive guide to diving in the Caribbean.


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