Taxis in Grace Bay

Taxi drivers make a killing in Grace Bay

As the largest center for tourism on the island of Providenciales, Grace Bay caters to groups of people who may or may not be in possession of transportation. One of the ways the city works to move people from place to place is by offering taxi services. Taxis here are truer to the experiences you've probably had with taxis in your home town, but some differences likely remain as well.

Taxi Companies

Taxis in Grace Bay are metered, and local law allows each operator to set the fare he or she sees fit with the caveat that rates be posted in the vehicle. This rarely happens, and passengers are wise to settle on a rate with their driver before disembarking so there are no surprises when they arrive at their final destination. It is also important that you confirm whether or not the trip is charged per person. One of the rules set forth by the Road Traffic (Taxi-Cab) Regulations states that drivers are allowed to charge per person, though not every driver does. Most operators drive vans for the simple fact that they can make more money per person if they have a larger vehicle, so if you get into a van, you can guess you'll probably be charged per person rather than per car.

Taxis are never hard to come by in Grace Bay, despite the fact that there is no official taxi stand. You'll almost always see a taxi driving down the street, or waiting stationary outside of a popular attraction, including shopping areas, restaurants, resorts, and beaches. If you do experience a lull in taxi traffic, you can have your hotel or restaurant call a service for you.

As stated, you will find plenty of taxis here. However, most of the offices are generally located outside of Grace Bay. To see the companies located throughout the island of Providenciales, click here.

If you would rather make reservations for a cab to come get you at a specific time and place, you can contact any of these the following cab companies.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Sea Breeze Taxi & Tours (649) 245-9651 4.3 mi. (6.9 km) West of Grace Bay
Taylor Taxi and Limo Services (649) 231-0266 Leeward Palms - Grace Bay
Unique Taxi & VIP Services (649) 244-7823 Leeward Highway - Grace Bay

Thanks to the lack of public transportation, tourists who opt to skip renting a car will likely utilize taxi services quite a few times during their trip. This can add up quickly, but anyone who prefers to avoid getting lost and is wary of driving in a foreign land will agree that the price is worth the sanity.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

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As aforementioned, taxi operators are permitted to set their own rates; however, most try to make it easy on tourists by sticking to charging $3(USD) per mile for every two passengers, allowing children to ride free if they are under the age of two and accompanied by a paying adult. There is an extra charge of $0.50 per piece of luggage stored in the trunk beyond the first two pieces, which are free, and there is a $5(USD) per 15 minute wait charge when the driver has to wait on you to run an errand or visit some attractions.

This table shows some taxi rates for the area.

Typical Fares Around Grace Bay
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 36.00 None Grace Bay
$ 36.00 Grace Bay Blue Hills
$ 40.00 Grace Bay Caicos Conch Farm
$ 29.00 Grace Bay Northwest Point
$ 7.00 Providenciales International Airport Grace Bay
$ 30.00 Providenciales International Airport The Bight

The above rates cover up to two passengers. Any additional riders will be charged half a fare.

Grace Bay's taxi drivers are well-trained in the art of giving tours. Taxi tours are a great way to get out and see all the most important spots in the city in one day, guided by a person who has likely lived in the area for his or her whole life and has plenty of stories to tell and knowledge to share. If you haven't signed up for a guided tour for any other time during your trip, wait until you find a taxi driver you seem to get along with and ask him or her to take you around. You'll have to negotiate the price, but you'll probably end up spending around $100(USD) for a few hours.

Make sure to leave room in your budget for gratuities. Drivers depend on their tips as a main part of their income, so reward them with between a 15 and 20 percent tip.


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