Transportation Options for Grace Bay

Most tourists fly into Grace Bay, then rent a car or take taxis around town

On Grace Bay, the most popularly visited island in the Turks and Caicos is Grace Bay, the island's most well-known resort area. White sand beaches, shopping, and attractions draw tourists to the area, but before they can get there, they will have to decide how to get there – then, when they arrive, they'll need a plan for how they'll get around.

Getting There

Grace Bay is relatively easy to get to compared to most towns in the Turks and Caicos, thanks to its location so near the only international airport in the island chain that currently welcomes flights from abroad. Sailing is another way to get to the town, and although cruising is an option, it is not the most direct route.

Getting Around

Thanks to it being such a well-built up tourism center, tourists really get to choose the local transportation option that they feel most comfortable with, be it renting a car or hiring a taxi to take them around. Unfortunately, public transportation is not an option, but a trip to neighboring islands aboard a fast ferry is.

Air Travel

Tourists staying in Grace Bay are fortunate in that they can fly directly to the Providenciales International Airport (PLS) which is just under 15 minutes away from town. The airport features modern facilities and has the capability of welcoming large commercial jets from around the world. As such, tourists from North America, Europe, and Asia are able to fly direct to the island.


Grace Bay is a trendy sailing destination, but there are a few steps that sailors have to take before they can dock.  The first stop will be at a port of entry, of which there are five within 15 minutes of Grace Bay, where you will have to meet with officials regarding customs and immigrations.  Learn everything about the process by clicking here


Cruising is one of the most popular ways to see the islands of the Caribbean; yet, it is not an ideal means of getting to Grace Bay. The official cruise ship terminal in the Turks and Caicos is located on Turtle Cove Marina, so tourists would have to de-board, then head directly to JAGS Mccartney International Airport to fly to Providenciales. The cost is around $100(USD), so it is feasible for someone who has special interest in the town, but more tourists will stick to Grace Bay and participate in ship sponsored excursions.

Rental Cars

Unlike other locations in the Caribbean, it is not a requirement that every tourist rent a vehicle in order to get around and see the sites. Still, many tourists prefer this route because they have more freedom and easier access to some of the area's most popular sites. Plus, Grace Bay has some of the best roadways on the island, so if you're going to drive anywhere, these roads are the best to practice on. Click here to learn more about Rental Cars in Grace Bay.


Because Grace Bay is such a popular resort town, it is quite feasible that you can get through your entire vacation simply walking around, or hailing a taxi when you need to get somewhere in a hurry or if you have a long distance to travel. It costs about $3(USD) per person per mile to ride in a taxi, though drivers may charge what they wish. It is important to discuss charges with your driver before taking off. Learn more here.


...avoid using the jitneys...


There is no official public bus in Grace Bay. Many tourists find this to be confusing, because once they arrive, they typically encounter a service that seems a lot like a bus. This is called a “jitney” locally, and it is illegal. Tourists are advised to avoid using the jitneys, even though they are inexpensive and would be a great option for travelers on a budget if they were legal.


Not far from Grace Bay is the Walkin Marine & Sons, which offers tourists the opportunity to take advantage of several daily ferries to some of the other islands in the chain. The ferry is operated by Caribbean Cruisin' and sails to Sandy Point Marina on North Caicos, which in turn allows tourists to also connect with Middle Caicos via the causeway. The trip lasts for 30 minutes and costs between $25 and $40(USD). On Fridays and Saturday, tourists can also sail to South Caicos. That trip costs $45 to $110(USD) and takes about 90 minutes. Read more about ferries by clicking here.

There is a lot of work that goes into planning a trip to Grace Bay, encompassing everything from where you'll stay to how you'll get there. Planning your transportation is not one of those areas you'll want to overlook. Now that you've taken the time to research all of your options, you can begin making your final plans and move closer to making your way to Grace Bay.


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