Grand Anse Attractions

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Everyone who travels to Grand Anse knows that the beaches alone are worth the trip, but there are a few other sites in the area worth seeing as well.  Learning about local history is easily done with a tour of the town including a military fort and a museum about local agriculture, while those who like to spend their days outdoors will have access to such attractions as a botanical garden and a dove sanctuary. 


Grand Anse Beach

You will find an abundance of beaches to consider in and around the area. Snorkeling is available at several locations, if some of the people in your group enjoy the underwater scene. Click on the name of each beach for detailed information about that part of the coast.

If you like to snorkel, a place offering that option is Grand Anse Beach. Situated on the southwestern side of Grenada, travelers will find beautiful Grand Anse Beach. Two miles of soft white sand line the turquoise waters of the Caribbean, where the surf is gentle and visibility is excellent.

Another good choice for visitors who enjoy snorkeling is Morne Rouge Beach. The calm clear waters of Morne Rouge Beach are shallow and warm, making this small and secluded beach one of the warmest shores on Grenada. There are plenty of areas shaded by trees, and because the beach is backed by a couple of hotels, beach chairs and umbrellas can easily be procured.

Quarantine Point Beach: Quarantine Point Beach is located just past Flamboyant Hotel.

These examples are just some of the places worth checking out To read our detailed page about beaches, navigate to this page.

Landmark Attractions

Fort George

A museum worth visiting is Grenada Sugar Factory, The Grenada Sugar Factory Museum features tour guides that will take you step by step through the process of refining sugar into one of the many products it is used to create; including rum. At the end of the tour, you can also sample some of the rum at the Sample Bar.

Another interesting landmark worth visiting is Fort George. It is situated in downtown St. George, 1.8 mi. North of central Grand Anse. Completed by the British in 1710, Fort George served to protect St. George's City from attack. Today, only some portions of the fort is open to the public, with the other part serving as offices for the Royal Grenada Police Force.

Grenada National Museum: The Grenada National Museum is housed in an old army barracks and prison that was originally built in 1704. The museum is located off Young Street, and is a quaint locale, but filled with a great deal of interesting information about island history and culture.

These are merely a few of your choices. If you're interested, find out more concerning other enjoyable places to visit in and near the area here.

Natural Attractions

Mt. Hartman Dove Sanctuary

Joydon is one of the more popular natural attractions. A lovely and even relaxing way to spend a portion of your vacation on Grenada is by touring the local botanical gardens. Joydon is one such spot.

Mt. Hartman Dove Sanctuary is another place that's popular with visitors. After an endemic that threatened the local Grenada Dove population, the Mt. Hartman Dove Sancturay was created to protect the bird.

Luckily, there are other natural attractions. To learn about more natural attractions in and around Grand Anse, go to this article.


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