What's Near Grand Anse Beach Palace Hotel

The inviting beaches on Grenada are touted by locals as the most-visited attractions on the island. If you are a big beach fan, Grand Anse Beach Palace Hotel is the perfect locale for you. This property is set on the water, so tourists can spend as much time as they like in the sun if that is what they want to do.

Nearby Beaches

Grand Anse Beach

Naturally, since Grand Anse Beach Palace Hotel is located directly on Grand Anse Beach, spending time at the shore is one of the main attractions at this property. There's plenty to do at Grand Anse Beach from water skiing to scuba diving. Vendors along the beach rent water sports equipment and sell coral jewelry, t-shirts, and hand-made crafts. For those who want to venture farther away, its not difficult to find another beach to experience. Click the name of each one in the table to see more details:

Beaches Near Beach Palace
Beach Distance Direction Location
Quarantine Point Beach 1.5 WSW 1.0 mi. West of Grand Anse
Morne Rouge Beach 1.5 SW 0.9 mi. West-Southwest of Grand Anse
Parc a Boeuf Beach 2.0 SW Calliste
Hog Island 2.4 SSE 1.2 mi. East-Northeast of L' Anse aux Epines
Magazine Beach 2.4 SW 1.8 mi. West-Southwest of Grand Anse
Calivigny Island 2.9 SE 2.1 mi. East of L' Anse aux Epines
Pink Gin Beach 3.1 SW 2.5 mi. West-Southwest of Grand Anse
Grand Beach 3.3 SW 2.4 mi. West of L' Anse aux Epines
Dragon Bay 3.8 N Molinere
Westerhall Point 4.1 ESE Westerhall
Beausejour Bay 4.6 N Morne Docteur

One of the most convenient options is Quarantine Point Beach. On the southwestern tip of Grand Anse Bay is a little stretch of sand known as Quarantine Point Beach. This land mass juts out into the ocean, meeting the waves head on, taking the brunt of the waves so that the beach within the bay remains a calm place to play.

Some might enjoy Grand Anse Beach where you'll find plenty of people. There's plenty to do at Grand Anse Beach from water skiing to scuba diving. Vendors along the beach rent water sports equipment and sell coral jewelry, t-shirts, and hand-made crafts.

Nearby Areas

Guests who are interested in finding out more about the surrounding area's offerings may want to know how far the nearest city or town is from the property. Grand Anse Beach Palace Hotel is located in the northeastern outskirts of Grand Anse, in the vicinity of St. George's.

Below are the names of some of the neighborhoods and towns located within a short distance of Grand Anse Beach Palace Hotel.

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
downtown St. George 1.3 N
Woburn 1.4 SE
Morne Rouge 1.5 SW
St. George's 1.6 NNE
Calliste 2.0 SW
Mt. Gay 2.1 N
Bay Garden 2.4 E
Bamboo 2.4 SSW
L' Anse aux Epines 2.6 S

Nearby Attractions

Fort George

Grand Anse Beach Palace Hotel makes for a wonderful lodging option for active visitors. There are an abundance of fun activities to be found when starting at this lodging. You will soon notice that this area is simply full of different attractions to try, such as Regal Cinema, Movie Palace, and Fort George, to name a few. Though there are at least three great attractions nearby, the closest one is Regal Cinema.

Proving that this site has a great location, there are many more attractions nearby, like those named in the following table.

Attractions Near Beach Palace
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Regal Cinema Movie Theater -- -- Grand Anse
Movie Palace Movie Theater 1.0 SSW Grand Anse
Fort George Historical Site 1.2 N Downtown St. George
Mt. Hartman Dove Sanctuary Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve -- -- 1.1 mi. Northeast of L' Anse aux Epines
Grenada National Museum Museum -- -- Downtown St. George
Campus War Memorial Monument 2.7 SW Bamboo
St. Rose Nursery and Garden Botanical Garden -- -- Downtown St. George
Priority Garden Botanical Garden -- -- Mt. Gay
Fort Frederick Historical Site 1.6 NE St. George's
West Indies Cricket Heritage Centre Museum 2.0 N Mt. Gay
Fort Matthew Historical Site 1.9 NE St. George's
Hyde Park Garden Botanical Garden 2.1 NE St. George's
Laura Herb and Spice Garden Botanical Garden -- -- 2.9 mi. Southeast of St. George's
Queens Park Park 3.2 N Mt. Mortiz
Underwater Sculpture Park Monument 3.6 N 2.4 mi. Northwest of St. George's
De La Grenade Nutmeg Garden Botanical Garden -- -- 2.3 mi. East of St. George's
Annandale Falls Park 4.6 NE Willis
Annandale Waterfalls Waterfall 4.6 NE Willis
Westerhall Rum Distillery Historical Site 5.4 E 5.1 mi. East of St. George's
La Sagessee Nature Center Park 5.9 E St. Davids
Grand Etang National Park and Forest Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 6.1 NNE 4.0 mi. South of Gouyave
Concord Waterfall Waterfall 6.4 NNE 3.4 mi. South of Gouyave
Au Coin Waterfall Waterfall -- -- 3.5 mi. South-Southeast of Gouyave
Seven Sisters Waterfall Waterfall 6.6 NE 4.1 mi. West-Southwest of Grenville
Dougaldston Spice Estate Museum 8.9 N 0.5 mi. South of Gouyave
Mt. Carmel Waterfall Waterfall 9.1 ENE 2.1 mi. South-Southwest of Grenville
Jessamine Eden : Grenville Vale Tropical Botanical Garden Botanical Garden -- -- Grenville
Paraclete Waterfall -- -- Paraclete
Tufton Hall Waterfall Waterfall -- -- Victoria
Victoria Falls Waterfall -- -- Victoria
Alston George Park Park 11.7 N Victoria
Belmont Estate Museum 13.1 NE 3.7 mi. North of Grenville
Duquense Bay Petroglyphs Historical Site -- -- Industry
River Antoine Rum Distillery Historical Site 14.0 NE 4.0 mi. North-Northeast of Grenville

If you're looking for a chance to see something a little different, Movie Palace could be a good option. Movie Palace is a multiplex that shows movies that are no longer in regular theaters for a discounted price. This spot offers movie-goers the opportunity to see movies between their first run in the theater and when they are released on video.

Nearby Accommodations

When deciding where to book your stay, it is sometimes a good idea to find out about nearby accommodation options in order to better understand the surrounding area. You can find plenty of other properties to look at before coming to a decision, as this section of Grenada plays host to a sweeping selection of hotel and resort options. To get more info about hotel booking possibilities available in the region, see the following table.

Accommodations near Beach Palace
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Radisson Grenada Beach Resort 0.5 SW Grand Anse, Grenada
Allamanda Beach Resort & Spa 0.7 SW Grand Anse, Grenada
Coyaba Beach Resort 0.8 SW Grand Anse, Grenada
Spice Island Beach Resort 1.0 SW Grand Anse, Grenada
Siesta Hotel 1.0 SW Grand Anse, Grenada
Blue Horizons Garden Resort -- -- Grand Anse, Grenada
Point Salines Hotel -- -- Grand Anse, Grenada
Flamboyant Hotel & Villas 1.2 SW Grand Anse, Grenada
Mount Cinnamon Resort 1.3 SW Grand Anse, Grenada
Kalinago Beach Resort 1.4 SW Grand Anse, Grenada

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