Nightlife in Grand Anse

Nightlife in Grand Anse is quite subdued, but if you know where you look you shouldn't have any trouble making every night you spend on Grenada a thrilling one.  Hotels tend to offer regular entertainment, so check with your concierge to start.  If you'd like to venture off-property, the weekends see the local dance clubs open where you can dance to Calypso, Reggae, and Top 40 hits.

There are a fair number of bars and other nightlife venues in Grand Anse.

If you'd like to experience some of the local night scene, you should consider Savvy Beach Bar. It is located in Grand Anse. One of the more refined options in the area, guests stop in for a cocktail by the pool before or after dinner where they can enjoy the view and their company without loud music overpowering the conversation.

A second place worth considering is Club Fantazia. Known as the "Number One Party Palace" in town, this is where the locals go to dance to regional and international hits. Although the weekends are always busy, if you visit during Carnival season you'll never have want for someone to dance with. They can be reached at (473) 444-4224.

The table directly below shows more details concerning 8 nightlife venues.

Nightlife In Grand Anse
Name Type Phone Location
Club Fantazia Night Club (473) 444-4224 0.9 mi. West-Southwest of Central Grand Anse
Coconut Beach Bar Bar -- Central Grand Anse
Savvy Beach Bar Bar -- 0.7 mi. West-Southwest of Central Grand Anse
Sea and Surf Terrace Bar (800) 501-8603 Central Grand Anse
The Edge Bar Bar -- Central Grand Anse
The Owl Bar (473) 444-4247 0.6 mi. West-Southwest of Central Grand Anse
Tortuga Italian Wine Bar Bar (473) 439-1919 Central Grand Anse
Umbrella's Beach Bar Bar (473) 439-9149 Central Grand Anse

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