Snorkeling Around Grand Anse

Grand Anse is a popular destination among tourists for a number of reasons, but it is the beach that really draws people in.  In addition to lounging and swimming, this is a great place to get in some snorkeling.

Grand Anse Beach stretches along the coast for two miles, and just a few feet in you can pull on your snorkel and mask and discover a diverse system of marine life.  The waters here are warm, almost always above 75 degrees Fahrenheit, and visibility is impeccable.  In these conditions you'll be able to see schools of vibrant fish, lobster, shrimp, coral beds, sea grass, and more.  

There are several stands right along the beach that rent out snorkeling equipment to guest for around $10(USD) a kit.  It is also the habit of many local accommodations to offer the gear to those staying with them as a part of their stay.

If you're interested in kicking your snorkeling adventure up a notch, inquire about a local snorkeling guide operator.  Almost all of these guides take their guests to the Underwater Sculpture Park, but there is also a ship wreck, and underwater volcano, and numerous reef systems to explore.  This type of trip will generally cost you around $35(USD).

Snorkeling Sites

If you're looking forward to seeing what's down below you might enjoy Grand Anse Beach. Two miles of snorkeling is possible off this beach, teeming with lobster, shrimp, and many other fish that are common to the area. This snorkeling site is found within Grand Anse.

Morne Rouge Beach is another place you might enjoy. These calm waters are great for families and beginning snorkelers, and often ranks as the top beach to snorkel at on the island.

A third place to consider is Hog Island. When it comes to snorkeling the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, this site is one of the best. A protected lagoon, snorkelers will be able to explore coral beds inhabited by the likes of snappers and grunts.

A fourth place where you can go snorkeling is Glover Island. The waters of the Atlantic Ocean can be rough, so the waters that surround this island should be entered with caution. When you do get the chance to snorkel here, you'll experience conch, turtles, stingrays, and more living within elkhorn and other hard corals. If you want to experience it for yourself, this site is situated in Grand Anse.

Grand Mal Bay is a fifth site to consider. Underwater mounts of coral here are comprised of elkhorn and other hard formations within which live snapper and tarpon among other small crustaceans and creatures.

The table below shows more information on the 5 of the most popular locations to enjoy snorkeling in this area.

Snorkeling Sites Near Grand Anse
Site Location
Grand Anse Beach 0.1 mi. Northeast of Central Grand Anse
Morne Rouge Beach Morne Rouge, 1.0 mi. West-Southwest of Central Grand Anse
Hog Island 2.1 mi. Southeast of Central Grand Anse
Glover Island 3.2 mi. South West of Central Grand Anse
Grand Mal Bay 3.3 mi. North of Central Grand Anse

Snorkeling Boat Trips

Some people believe the best snorkeling is experienced away from the shore.

If you're ready to go snorkeling during a boating adventure, you might want to check with Sunsation Sailing Tours. Offering numerous tours on a daily basis, there is something for everyone on their list of offerings. You can learn a lot about the island on any one of their trips whether you choose the market tour, a trip to the botanical gardens, a home and garden tour, or a full island tour.

Another option to consider is Aquanauts Snorkeling. Conveniently located with a dive dock just moments away from beautiful reefs and wreck sites, this dive center is perfect for those who want to get out and explore the water without a wait. They offer personalized concierge service and knowledgeable guides to amplify your experience with them. They're located in the heart of Grand Anse.

A third good option is Shadowfax Banana Boat Tours. All it takes is two hours out to sea and you'll be hooked, coming back time and again to try one of several tours that this fun and friendly sailing crew has to offer.

View this table for a list of boat trip providers that provide snorkeling.

Day Sails and Boat Trips In Grand Anse
Name Phone Location
Aquanauts Snorkeling (850) 303-0330 Central Grand Anse
Shadowfax Banana Boat Tours (473) 437-3737 Central Grand Anse
Sunsation Sailing Tours (473) 444-1594 Central Grand Anse

Snorkeling Services

If you're looking for someone offering snorkel rentals, excursions, or similar services, you should check out Scubatech Dive Center Snorkeling Gear. ScubaTech allows guests to rent snorkel equipment according to their needs. They are located in L' Anse aux Epines, a short distance away South of central Grand Anse.

Another place that offers snorkeling related services is Island Water World. Island Water World can handle all of your boating needs, from refurbishing the interior to added a stereo system.

A third company worth contacting is Dive Grenada Scuba Centre. Their snorkeling trips typically include visits to Grenada's Marine Protected Area which includes Dragon Bay, Flamingo Bay, and the Underwater Sculpture Park. They're located in Grand Anse.

Be sure to look at this table to see 6 companies that offer services of interest to snorkelers.

Snorkeling Services In And Around Grand Anse
Name Type Phone Location
Devotion 2 Ocean Snorkeling Tour Operator (473) 444-3483 Central Grand Anse
Dive Grenada Scuba Centre Snorkeling Tour Operator (473) 444-1092 Morne Rouge, 0.6 mi. West-Southwest of Central Grand Anse
Eco Dive & Trek Snorkeling Tour Operator (473) 232-7777 1.6 mi. North-Northeast of Central Grand Anse
Island Water World Watersports Equipment Shop (473) 435-2150 ext. 1 1.7 mi. Northeast of Central Grand Anse
Native Spirit Scuba Snorkeling Tour Operator (473) 439-7013 Central Grand Anse
Scubatech Dive Center Snorkeling Gear Snorkeling Equipment Rental Service (473) 439-4346 L' Anse aux Epines, 1.5 mi. South of Central Grand Anse

To learn more concerning snorkeling, including tips and suggestions for beginners and "pros" check out our extensive guide to snorkeling in the Caribbean.

If the idea of exploring what lies beneath the surface of the sea has always intrigued you, Grand Anse is a great first-time snorkeling spot.  Those who have already developed a love for the sport find these waters to be a joy.  Whatever your skill level, snorkeling in Grand Anse is a must. 


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