Italian Cuisine on Grand Bahama

During your visit to the Bahamas, expect to come upon a variety of options when it comes to dining. But guests who seek Italian cuisine in particular will definitely want to check out the restaurants specializing in this cuisine. Lucky for hungry guests, there's a pretty good variety of places where you can order dishes prepped in this style.

With many options, from the very casual destination known as Mario's Pizza to the tasty dinner service at Giovanni's Cafe, there's a menu suited for each guest and any style of dining desired.

Below, get a taste for the rather large selection of restaurants specializing in Italian food awaiting The Bahamas' guests. Click on one of the options to find out more about its ambiance, food, and what's located nearby.

Pisces Restaurant Lucaya

Port Lucaya | (242) 373-5192

Pisces Restaurant Lucaya, which is part of Port Lucaya Marketplace, is found in the heart of Port Lucaya. The fresh taste of fish and Italian panache are made for each other at this noteworthy eatery. You'll find Pisces right in the Port Lucaya Marketplace, though it will look quite different than the surrounding buildings. Look for the sherbet green building with white frames and pillars all along the front patio, decorated like a colonial house, with a very apparent underwater theme. On the inside you'll find something very different. Instead of bright colors there are dark wood tables and shiny silverware, with an almost pub-like feel to the room. This makes for a fun, yet upscale, dining experience.

Mario's Pizza

Port Lucaya | (242) 351-1454

Located near the center of Port Lucaya, Mario's Pizza is located at Port Lucaya Marketplace. Speaking of delicious, specialty Italian culinary creations, this possible dining pick likes to suggest its pizza and sandwiches. Mario's Pizza offers above all else, fresh pizza with a variety of toppings that you can choose from. With the many variations, you can be sure that you are getting exactly what you want. However, there are also plenty of other dishes including pasta dishes, hot wings, hot sandwiches, and several sea food entrees. Mario's will have something regardless of whether you are looking for a large and cheap family meal, or a snack to have while watching a game.

Domino's Port Lucaya

Port Lucaya | (242) 373-8000

Domino's Port Lucaya, a part of Port Lucaya Marketplace, is found in toward the heart of Port Lucaya. Pay a visit or two to Port Lucaya when you want the familiar, inviting flavor profile of pizza. Domino's Pizza is famous world-wide for its pizza that comes in may different flavors and sizes. You can build your own pie with the many toppings, cheeses, and crust types; all you have to do is let the cooks know what you want and they do the rest.


Port Lucaya | (242) 373-1584

Situated just outside the heart of Port Lucaya, Cappuccino's is a part of Port Lucaya Marketplace. Out-of-towners that are compelled to eat pasta will thoroughly enjoy eating here during a visit to Port Lucaya. This cute little restaurant is decorated as a porch side cafe, and gives of a cozy home feeling.

Pizza Hut Lucaya

Port Lucaya | (242) 373-7210

Situated toward the center of Port Lucaya, Pizza Hut Lucaya is located at Port Lucaya Marketplace, and is a viable option for people visiting this part of Freeport. Pay a visit or two to Port Lucaya if you're a fan of Italian cuisine, but particularly pizza. Pizza Hut is famous for its pan pizza that is full of sauce, cheese, and crust fried in butter to create a hot and delicious meal, They also have expanded to include thin crust, hand tossed, and stuffed crust, as well as including a variety of sauces and toppings for you to choose from. For something other than pizza, Pizza Hut also serves hot wings, pastas, salads, and other small appetizers.

Italian Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Antoni's Pizzeria Grand Bahama Island Italian 374-5566
Cappuccino's 2.2 mi. East of Central Freeport Italian (242) 373-1584
Domino's Port Lucaya 2.1 mi. East of Central Freeport Italian (242) 373-8000
Giovanni's Cafe 2.2 mi. East of Central Freeport Italian (242) 373-9107
La Dolce Vita 2.1 mi. East of Central Freeport Italian (242) 373-8450
Mario's Pizza 2.2 mi. East of Central Freeport Italian (242) 351-1454
Pisces Restaurant Lucaya 2.2 mi. East of Central Freeport International, Italian (242) 373-5192
Pizza - By - The - Slice Grand Bahama Island Italian 351-8348
Pizza Hut Freeport Downtown Freeport Italian (242) 352-9191
Pizza Hut Lucaya 2.2 mi. East of Central Freeport Italian (242) 373-7210

Similar Food

Zorbas Greek Cuisine

If you don't mind changing things up a bit, you will find similarly satisfying flavors at restaurants like the following:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Cafe Michel (242) 352-2191 French 1.1 mi. South of Downtown Freeport
Le Med Mediterranean Restaurant (242) 374-2804 Mediterranean 2.1 mi. East of Central Freeport
Luciano's (242) 373-9100 European 2.2 mi. East of Central Freeport
Cally's Restaurant (242) 373-8657 Greek 2.2 mi. East of Central Freeport
Churchill's (242) 373-1333 Mediterranean 2.1 mi. East of Central Freeport
Zorbas Greek Cuisine (242) 373-6137 Greek 2.2 mi. East of Central Freeport
After Deck Restaurant (242) 351-7591 European 2.2 mi. East of Central Freeport

Plus, you can of course sample the signature dishes served at one of these restaurants:

Restaurants with Similar Specialties
Restaurant Name Phone Specialty Location
Dockside Bar & Grille (242) 350-6500 Pizza 0.5 mi. North-Northwest of Central West End
Pier One Restaurant (242) 352-6674 Pasta 1.0 mi. Southeast of Central Wild Goose Town
Seagrape Grille (242) 373-1271 Pasta 1.7 mi. South-Southeast of Central Freeport

Some of the most memorable dining destinations in the Bahamas are those you find suddenly during your exploration of different cities. However, you'll save yourself some stress if you have a handful of favorites in mind. To find out much more concerning the kinds of food awaiting you, check out this page.


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