Italian Cuisine on Grand Bahama

While exploring the Bahamas, you'll be overwhelmed by the great number of restaurants and other dining options. When your preference is Italian food, you should check out the restaurants offering this cuisine on the menu. You and your hungry sidekicks will find more than enough dining options that have it on the menu.

With options including everything from the very casual attitude at Domino's Port Lucaya to the wonderful dinner service at Pisces Restaurant, there is a choice for every traveler and for that special evening you're planning too.

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The list below allows you to get a taste for the moderate selection of places that satisfy cravings for Italian cuisine. For each restaurant, you can click its name to read more about its ambiance, food, and what's located nearby.


Port Lucaya | (242) 373-1584

Cappuccino's, on the premises of Port Lucaya Marketplace, is found near the middle of Port Lucaya. Don't hesitate to pass through Port Lucaya when you want the familiar, inviting flavor profile of pasta.

Cappucino's prepares fresh Italian food and delicate formal appetizers that great food that is both delicious and beautifully arranged. The fresh from Italy ingredients go a long way to make these tasty meals possible, and the difference fresh, authentic ingredients make is clearly visible.

Pisces Restaurant

Port Lucaya | (242) 373-5192

Located near the heart of Port Lucaya, Pisces Restaurant is a part of Port Lucaya Marketplace, and is a logical selection worth considering if you're visiting this part of Freeport. Fresh fish and Italian food come together for some great dishes at this enjoyable restaurant.

Pisces restaurant has Italian food made fresh. Their seafood is locally caught and prepared in shop, and their meats and poultry are all flown in fresh from the nearby farms in Florida. Stop by and try some of their exquisite dishes like one of their several lobster dishes, beef tenderloin seared in Asian sauce, delicate veal, or a number of surf and turf options.

If you are feeding a family, however, you may look towards to the pizza to keep the price down. You won't feel limited though, they have over twenty specialty pizzas for you to choose from.

Domino's Port Lucaya

Port Lucaya | (242) 373-8000

Positioned just outside the heart of Port Lucaya, Domino's Port Lucaya is on the premises of Port Lucaya Marketplace, and is a popular choice for guests who are going to be visiting this section of Freeport. Thinking about Italian food, and definitely need some pizza? If you say yes, you should think of this place as the one thing on your list you do twice.

Domino's Pizza is famous world-wide for its pizza that comes in may different flavors and sizes. You can build your own pie with the many toppings, cheeses, and crust types; all you have to do is let the cooks know what you want and they do the rest.

Giovanni's Cafe

Port Lucaya | (242) 373-9107

Located near the center of Port Lucaya, Giovanni's Cafe is located at Port Lucaya Marketplace. Fabulously fresh fish and Italian food make a nice pair at this informal dining option.

The Italian Classics at Giovanni's are familiar to most, and include all the pastas that have made the cuisine famous, as well as the flavorful parmesans, rich soups, and delicious seafood options. If you like Italian food, you should have no problem finding something you like here.

Pizza Hut Freeport

Downtown Freeport | (242) 352-9191

Set in downtown Freeport, Pizza Hut Freeport is a good choice worth considering if you are thinking about spending some time seeing this neighborhood. In the mood for pizza? If so, you might discover that dining here is a priority on your agenda.

At Pizza Hut, you choose the toppings. Build a pizza to your specifications and let the Hut do the work. You can also order chicken wings, pastas, and salad to go with your meal.

Italian Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Antoni's Pizzeria Grand Bahama Island Italian 374-5566
Cappuccino's 2.2 mi. East of Central Freeport Italian (242) 373-1584
Domino's Port Lucaya 2.1 mi. East of Central Freeport Italian (242) 373-8000
Giovanni's Cafe 2.2 mi. East of Central Freeport Italian (242) 373-9107
La Dolce Vita 2.1 mi. East of Central Freeport Italian (242) 373-8450
Pisces Restaurant 2.2 mi. East of Central Freeport International, Italian (242) 373-5192
Pizza - By - The - Slice Grand Bahama Island Italian 351-8348
Pizza Hut Freeport Downtown Freeport Italian (242) 352-9191
Pizza Hut Lucaya 2.2 mi. East of Central Freeport Italian (242) 373-7210

Similar Food


For something different in the same ballpark, you will find similarly satisfying flavors at establishments like the following:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
After Deck Restaurant (242) 373-8657 European 2.2 mi. East of Central Freeport
Luciano's (242) 373-9100 French 2.2 mi. East of Central Freeport
Cafe Michel (242) 352-2191 French 1.1 mi. South of Downtown Freeport
Churchill's (242) 373-1333 Mediterranean 2.1 mi. East of Central Freeport
Cafe Breeze Restaurant & Bar (242) 373-2664 European 2.2 mi. East of Central Freeport
Le Med (242) 374-2804 Mediterranean 2.2 mi. East of Central Freeport
Zorba's (242) 373-6137 Greek 2.2 mi. East of Central Freeport

And you can sink your teeth into the specialty items found at the following restaurants:

Restaurants with Similar Specialties
Restaurant Name Phone Specialty Location
Dockside Bar & Grille (242) 350-6500 Pizza 0.5 mi. North-Northwest of Central West End
Pier One Restaurant (242) 352-6674 Pasta 1.0 mi. Southeast of Central Wild Goose Town
Seagrape Grille (242) 373-1271 Pasta 1.7 mi. South-Southeast of Central Freeport

Despite your dining plans, you may find the best foods in the Bahamas are those you find unexpectedly during your daytime travels. At the same time, you'll save yourself some stress if you plan ahead. To read much more concerning the dining options waiting for you, check out this page.


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