Transportation Options for Grand Bahama

Thanks to the high volume of tourism, you'll never have to worry about making plans for transportation

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Often compared to New Jersey's Atlantic City minus the casinos, Grand Bahama is a relaxing, tropical vacation destination and a known tourist trap. As you begin to move out of the major tourist areas, you'll find a wealth of natural attractions worth exploring. Getting to and around the island is easy, no matter what your personal preferences.

Getting There

Easily reached from the coast of Florida, there are numerous feasible transportation options that will get you to Grand Bahama in a short amount of time. Whether you prefer a fast flight, to sail yourself, or to make a quick stop as part of a cruise, you'll have an easy time getting to this island.

Getting Around

Everyone has a personal preference regarding getting around on vacation. Fortunately, all of your typical travel options such as renting a car, hiring a taxi, hopping on a bus, and even sailing on a ferry are available on this island.

Air Travel

There are two airports on Grand Bahama Island: Grand Bahama International Airport and West End Airport. As you begin planning to book your flight to the island, however, you'll only have to worry about getting to Grand Bahama International Airport since West End Airport mostly sees cargo air traffic. Grand Bahama International Airport is a relatively modern facility that welcomes commercial flights from around the world on a daily basis, and you should have no trouble booking your flight here.

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Sailing to Grand Bahama is a very popular option, especially since it is located so close to the United States. However, when it comes to maritime adventures and excursions, tourist will have to leave Grand Bahamas and head to one of the nearby cays. Luckily, with a good selection of day-trip and boat excursion companies in the area, visitors will have not problem finding a way to the small islands.


... take a cab or catch the bus...


There's no denying it, cruising is one of the most popular ways to see the Caribbean thanks to the all-inclusive pricing, luxury amenities, and chance to see many locations all in one trip. The Bahamas is one of the most popular destinations within the Caribbean, and many people travel to Grand Bahama each year aboard a cruise ship. Freeport is where the cruise dock is located, though oddly it is set apart from most of Freeport's major attractions. You'll have to take a cab or catch the bus, but there is plenty to see and do within the reaches of just a $10(USD) cab ride.

Rental Cars

At somewhere between $80 and $120(USD) a day, rental cars are a more affordable option for tourists in large groups or who plan to explore all of Grand Bahama hidden treasures. Driving around Freeport and Port Lucaya won't be difficult, since the roads are maintained due to tourism, but as you drive east and west, you'll quickly discover just how poor the road system on the island is. Driving here is still manageable, just keep your wits about you and go slow when you encounter a road with more pot holes than normal, or if there is a lot of sand in your wake.

Find out more about renting a car, as well as driving conditions, here.


On Grand Bahama, taxis are easy to come by as long as you stick to the popular tourist destinations of Freeport and Port Lucaya. Although you may be able to get a driver to take you out to East End or West End, the chances are slim that you'll find one to take you back, or even have one agree to come pick you up. When you do use local taxi services, make sure to ask your driver how he or she charges before you start driving. Some drivers have meters, while others charge set rates created by the government.

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Drivers get started every morning at 7:00 a.m. And run until sunset, transporting passengers not only around the major tourist destinations of Freeport and Port Lucaya, but also out to East End and West End. In and around Freeport and Port Lucaya you'll pay $1(USD) per person, one way, but to get to either end of the island will be $2(USD). Buses leave about every 15 minutes; however, you shouldn't rely too heavily on this number. Often drivers will wait until the bus is as full as they can get it before taking off. You'll find the main bus stop in Freeport to be in the parking area behind the International Bazaar, while the one in Port Lucaya is just west of the Port Lucaya Marketplace on Seahorse Drive.


Ferries are important to the people of the Bahamas, who may not be able to fly between one island and the next on a regular basis due to the high cost. Over the years, the spike in the number of tourists who have begun to utilize local ferries as island-hoppers has grown, and more and more services are springing up all the time. Currently, government run Mail Boats connect Grand Bahama with other islands, and there is an international service from Ft. Lauderdale, Florida that is just under $50(USD) per person one-way.

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Now that you've had the chance to review each transportation option with regards to both getting to Grand Bahama and around, you're ready to begin making plans and booking your trip.


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