Grand Case Attractions

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Best known for its gourmet dining scene and numerous casinos, Grand Case certainly comes to life at night.  The town is by no means dead during the day, however.  Here, there are some of the calmest and cleanest beaches you can imagine, as well as an important archeological site on the edge of town, and several other attractions to be seen in between. 


Friar's Bay Beach

There are an abundance of beaches to consider in and around the area. Snorkeling is available at several locations, if some of the people in your group are so inclined. Click on the name of the beach to get additional information about that individual beach.

A location where you can go snorkeling is Grande-Case Beach. Known for it's fine dining and stunning views of Anguilla, hungry tourists flock to this beach to sample island fare.

Another place to consider is Friar's Bay Beach. Populated by a small crowd of locals and tourists in the daytime, this beach is known for occasional nighttime beach parties as well.

Happy Bay: This beach is on the northern, quieter end of St. Martin. It requires a 15 minute hike from the road, Rue Happy Bay.

Needless to say, the area is home to a full range of beaches to choose from in and around the area. To read more about this topic, visit this guide.

Landmark Attractions

Fort Louis

Hope Estate Archeological Site is a historical site on the edge of Grand Case. The Hope Estate Archaeological Association is in charge of excavating Hope Estate, and over the years has amassed a huge collection of pottery and other artifacts, plus through the excavation of tombs learned about the Arawak peoples burial process. A tour of this site offered by the association will how off a number of the dig sites and uncovered artifacts.

Another interesting landmark worth visiting is Durat Bridge. It is located in Marigot, 2.5 mi. South West of central Grand Case. Named after the famous governor of the island, Durat Bridge was essential in connecting Marigot with the Northernmost part of the island and specifically to the village that is known today as Grand Case.

Mount Vernon Plantation: While it may not seem like much now, it was fields like Mount Vernon Plantation that gave St. Martin its wealth during the colonial and early independence eras of its history. This historical park will give visitors a unique insight into the production of sugar, rum, and the harvest of numerous spices.

That's not all -- you will find quite a few other options as well. Read this extended discussion about other sites worth seeing in and near the area if you'd like to find some more facts.

Natural Attractions

Loterie Farm Nature Reserve

Visitors who enjoy the natural environment are likely to enjoy visiting Loterie Farm Nature Reserve. This protected area is the largest on the island and a prime spot for any eco-tourist that find themselves in Saint Martin. The park offers numerous eco-orientated activities that will allow guests to enjoy the more natural side of the island.

Another place you might want to visit is The Butterfly Farm. If you are mystified by the tender and swift nature of the butterfly, then the Butterfly Farm is for you. Here, you can tour a tropical rainforest setting and interact with this creatures as they fly freely and often land right on the shoulders, hair, or hands of guests.

Luckily, you will find a full range options too. For a more detailed look at natural attractions near Grand Case, go to this article.


Looking for a bit of action? Visitors wanting to test their luck in some gaming action will have plenty of places to do so nearby.

Princess Casino has a restaurant, so you can grab a bite to eat before or after you try your luck. One of the most elegant casinos in St. Maarten, Princess Casino features a neoclassical design complete with frescoes, arches, columns, and domes, and expected clientele to show up dressed just as formally.

Lightning Casino is found within Simpson Bay, 5.2 mi. South-Southwest of central Grand Case. Just a few minutes away from the airport, Lightning Casino caters to sports fans with big screen televisions broadcasting sporting events from around the world while they game.

Tropicana Casino: Tropicana Casino is known specifically for its Vegas style gaming and late night hourly Bingo Games starting at 8:30pm that have people winning prizes like TV's, tablet computers, and even $14,000. They also offer unlimited free drinks and cold plates for gamers.

Of course, there will be some other choices. Go to this extended discussion dedicated to gaming close to Grand Case if you're looking for additional facts.


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