Landmarks in Grand Case

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There are a lot of reasons that people visit Grand Case: the shopping, the dinning, and the beaches.  But there is more to this town and its surrounding area for those who will be staying for more than a few hours.  Local landmarks are a great way to get to know about local heritage and what is important to those who live here, so sites like the Cultural Center simply must be explored. 


If you enjoy expanding your knowledge of unfamiliar places and cultures, you might want to visit a museum during your time in Grand Case. Just click on each place's name to learn additional information.

One popular destination is The Old House. It is found in La Croisade, 2.4 mi. Southeast of central Grand Case. There are several exhibits inside the Old House Museum that offer a broad range of information. Visitors will find exhibits showing the history of the region and the island, including the Columbus expeditions and early colonization, as well as an entire exhibit dedicated to the advertisement history of rum.

A second choice is Musée de Saint-Martin. It's a museum just outside of Grand Case. Musee de Saint-Martin provides visitors with the opportunity to learn about the history of St. Martin. Exhibits begin with a discussion of how life was on the island for the Arawak people, and moves towards how that all changed when Europeans discovered the island.

Musee Des Coquillages: One of the largest shell museums in the world, Musee Des Coquillages has over 5000 shells. They feature shells from extinct animals, general sea shells, as well as art made from some of the shells they have found.

The following chart summarizes more details concerning museums you might enjoy in and around the area.

Museums In and Around Grand Case
Name Phone Location
Cultural Center Grand Case -- 0.3 mi. North-Northeast of Central Grand Case
Marigot Musee (059) 029-2284 Sandy Ground, 4.2 mi. South West of Central Grand Case
Musee Des Coquillages (059) 053-7531 Downtown Marigot, 2.9 mi. South West of Central Grand Case
Musée de Saint-Martin (059) 029-4836 Downtown Marigot, 2.8 mi. South West of Central Grand Case
The Old House (059) 087-3284 La Croisade, 2.4 mi. Southeast of Central Grand Case

Historical Sites

Fort Louis

Enjoy discovering the history of foreign countries? If yes, you should consider visiting some of these historical attractions during your vacation.

Hope Estate Archeological Site is a historical site on the outskirts of Grand Case. While at first glance this site may seem nothing more than another piece of land in Saint Martin's center, this area was actually the site of an Arawak Village built around 500 BC, and not abandoned until 450 AD. Archaeologist have been able to find artifacts here including pottery and ruins of the ancient village.

Another common landmark for vacationers is Durat Bridge. It is found in Marigot, 2.5 mi. South West of central Grand Case. Named after the famous governor of the island, Durat Bridge was essential in connecting Marigot with the Northernmost part of the island and specifically to the village that is known today as Grand Case.

Mount Vernon Plantation: In addition to being home to a variety of fruit trees and some sugar cane, Mount Vernon Plantation is also the home to some old mill buildings that are a rare feature on the island. These humble buildings once served as the backbone to the entire St. Martin economy for decades, producing the products that made this island so lucrative to the European colonial powers.

You can look through the chart below to find out more about historical sites in and around Grand Case.

Historic Sites In and Around Grand Case
Name Phone Location
Belvedere Plantation -- 3.6 mi. South-Southeast of Central Grand Case
Border Obelisk -- 3.6 mi. South West of Central Grand Case
Durat Bridge -- 2.5 mi. South West of Central Grand Case
Fort Louis -- Downtown Marigot, 2.8 mi. South West of Central Grand Case
Hope Estate Archeological Site -- 0.8 mi. East-Southeast of Central Grand Case
Mount Vernon Plantation (059) 029-5062 2.3 mi. Southeast of Central Grand Case
Old Prison -- Downtown Marigot, 2.9 mi. South West of Central Grand Case
Spring Sugar Mill -- Downtown Marigot, 2.9 mi. South West of Central Grand Case

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Travelers may enjoy some other worthwhile sites to visit close to Grand Case.

A landmark that often intrigues visitors is Sint Maarten Carousel. It is situated at Carousel Gelateria Bar and located within Cole Bay, 5.2 mi. South-Southwest of central Grand Case. You will be able to stop by the carousel any time between 2:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Miscellaneous Landmarks Near Grand Case
Name Type Location Island
Sint Maarten Carousel Tourist Attraction Cole Bay, 5.2 mi. South-Southwest of Central Grand Case the island of St. Martin and Sint Maarten

Keep in mind, you will find additional types of attractions. Click here to check out our article about other interesting attractions for Grand Case.


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