Grand Case Transportation Options

Transportation options in Grand Case cover air, sea, and land

Photo credit: © Corail Helicopteres

Known for its long, sandy beach and a view of the nearby island of Anguilla, Grand Case boasts an atmosphere unique in the Caribbean.  Here, you'll find the carefree, tropical atmosphere that draws so many to the region mixed with a French air that brings a little elegance and European style to the table.  People visit here from around the world to experience the blend, utilizing options that bring them through the air and by sea, while in the town itself they are able to make the most of several different forms of ground transportation.  

Air Travel

Grand Case is home to the French side of the island's small airport, yet most people still fly to the Princess Juliana International Airport in Simpson Bay, Sint Maarten.  The ride from the airport is just 15 minutes, so most travelers don't mind having to travel across the invisble border.  Flights from the United States and within the Caribbean are available in abundance though, and you can fly from Canada and Europe with lesser frequency. 

Guests can also use the L'Esperance Airport, also known as the Grand Case Aiport; flights at this airport usually come from St. Barthelemy or Guadeloupe.   provides VIP welcomong at airports, helicopter transfers and transportation throughout the Caribbean; they also offer tours. 

Find flight information and details about both airports here.


With a few marinas and anchorages in Grand Case, this destination is popular among pleasure sailors who thrill at the idea of making an adventure out of their journey to St. Martin.  Luxury yachts line the coast of the entire island, and if you dream of parking your boat on these shores, be aware that French immigration laws apply and Port Authority will be in charge of deciding whether or not to grant you clearance.  Find out how best to handle the process here.  


There are two cruise ports on the island, though neither is in Grand Case.  One is on the Dutch side in Philipsburg, and the other on the French side in Marigot.  Philipsburg's port is a popular destination among many well-known cruise lines known for their mega-ships, while Marigot's terminal is just large enough to accommodate one medium-sized ship.  It is rare that larger ships will dock here, but when they do they anchor off shore and tender passengers in.  Fortunately, the island is small enough that spending your day ashore in Grand Case is absolutely a possibility. 

Rental Cars

Though it is possible to stay in Grand Case and get around on foot, a good number of visitors prefer to rent a car and be able to drive themselves around.  Fortunately, the cost to rent a car by the day is low and it is pretty easy to rent a car as long as you have an international driver's license.  Find out more about what you need to rent, and how you should prepare to handle the roads here


Grand Case is filled with taxis driving around popular restaurants, shopping centers, and the airport, a reflection of what is typical throughout the island.  The cabs here are not metered, and rates are set by the government so you will always know before your driver puts the car into gear how much it will cost you to get from one place to another.  For example, the rate between Grand Case and Marigot is $15(USD) for two people.  Every additional passenger is $4(USD), plus it costs extra to carry more than one piece of luggage per person, and the rate is increased after 10 p.m., then again between midnight and 6:00 a.m.


What actually amounts to being a collection of minivans running on set routes throughout the island, the privately owned buses are actually quite reliable.  Buses begin each morning at 5:00 a.m. and continue operating until midnight.  Rates are between $2 and $3(USD) depending on your destination. 


If a day trip to the nearby island of Anguilla sounds like a dream, head to the ferry terminal in Marigot.  From there, you can sail to Blowing Point for just $15(USD) per person, plus the departure tax.  Ferries leave every 45 minutes throughout the day beginning at 7:30 a.m. and ending at 7:00 p.m., and the trip takes just 20 minutes. 

No matter which form of transportation you feel most comfortable utilizing, you'll find it is possible to make it happen in Grand Case.  


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