Landmarks on Grand Cayman

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From military forts which once protected the island to museums which detail how agriculture impacted daily life, the history and culture of Grand Cayman is detailed in numerous sites around the island.  Georgetown is home to the largest majority of these attractions, and even if you don't stay in town, a quick trip for a say of sightseeing is recommended.  


Cayman Islands National Museum

Assuming you like to expand your knowledge of other cultures and places, you should consider visiting a museum during your vacation. To learn complete information about each museum, click on the name.

National Trust Visitor Center is a museum on the edge of Grand Cayman. The National Trust for the Cayman Islands works to share the history of the islands through the preservation of historic landmarks and natural sites. At the National Trust Visitors Centre, visitors will gleam first hand information on the importance of each site, and learn which are best for them to visit based upon their interests.

Many travelers also choose to visit National Gallery of the Cayman Islands. It is Seven Mile Beach, in western Grand Cayman. The permanent collection of the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands is housed on the second floor and features important pieces of Cayman artwork that has been growing since the inception of the National Gallery. Additionally, the gallery tries to host at least six rotating exhibits each year.

Cayman Islands National Museum: Cayman Island's National Museum is open from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

The chart just below lists more information on the available museums on Grand Cayman.

Museums On Grand Cayman
Name Phone Location
Cayman Islands National Museum (345) 949-8368 Downtown Georgetown
Cayman Motor Museum (345) 947-7741 West Bay
National Gallery of the Cayman Islands (345) 945-8111 1.4 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown
National Trust Visitor Center (345) 749-1121 0.9 mi. South-Southwest of Downtown Georgetown

Historical Sites

Fort George

Enjoy learning about the history of countries you visit? If that's the case, you might want to visit a few of these historical attractions during your time on Grand Cayman.

If you are looking to do some sight-seeing, visit Fort George. It is located in downtown Georgetown. Although landlocked and mostly in ruins, Fort George stands as an important historical landmark that tells the tale of a Cayman Islands once protected from this very spot by the local militia. The fort was built by locals using limestone and coral, though nobody can be sure exactly when, and after many years of little to no use, it was handed over to the National Trust.

Another landmark worth visiting is East End Lighthouse Park. It is found within eastern Grand Cayman. Accessible via a 37-step staircase just off a main road, the East End Lighthouse Park is home to the relative ruins East End Lighthouse, which watches over Grace Bay.

Dr. Roy's Ironshore: Once upon a time, Dr. Roy's House stood as an important landmark in the eyes of the people of the Cayman Islands -- but unfortunately it was torn down in order to build a financial center. Though many people are still distraught over the building's demise, its memory lives on across the street on an interpretative sign overlooking the "Ironshore."

Glance through the following table for a listing of sites of historical interest on the island.

Historic Sites On Grand Cayman
Name Phone Location
Bodden Town Guardhouse Park -- Bodden Town, Southern part of Grand Cayman
Dr. Roy's Ironshore (345) 749-1135 0.6 mi. Southeast of Downtown Georgetown
East End Lighthouse Park (345) 749-1121 0.6 mi. East of Central East End
Fort George (345) 749-1121 Downtown Georgetown
Mission House (345) 749-1121 8.3 mi. East of Central Georgetown
Old Savannah Schoolhouse (345) 749-1121 5.2 mi. East of Central Georgetown
Pedro St. James National Historic Site (345) 947-3329 5.8 mi. East of Central Georgetown
Watler Cemetery (345) 749-1121 3.0 mi. East-Southeast of Central Georgetown

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Visitors may explore some other interesting local landmarks on Grand Cayman.

If you want to learn more about the beer-making process, you should think about visiting Cayman Islands Brewery. Home to several different award winning brews, the Cayman Islands Brewery has been providing top notch alcoholic beverages to he people of the Cayman Islands since the facility first launched in 2007. Proud of their brewing style and manufacturing status, the Cayman Islands Brewery has opened its doors to the public for regular tours so that guests can see exactly why this spot produced the best products around.

Miscellaneous Landmarks On Grand Cayman
Name Type Location Island
Cayman Islands Brewery Brewery 2.9 mi. East of Central Georgetown Grand Cayman

Of course, Grand Cayman has other attractions. Anyone who needs to get more details concerning other attractions by following this link.


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