Italian Cuisine on Grand Cayman

While exploring the Cayman Islands, expect to encounter a savory selection of places to dine. If you have a taste for Italian food in particular, then you will definitely want to check out those restaurants specializing in this cuisine. Lucky for hungry guests, there's plenty of restaurants serving this style.

With choices such as the very casual locale of Treats Restaurant to the delicious breakfast, dinner and lunch at Paradise Restaurant by the Sea, there is something to suit each and every person in your party and every style of vacation.

The list below allows you to read up on the large collection of restaurants specializing in Italian food throughout the Cayman Islands. You can click each restaurant's name to see the full article about its specialties, style, and what you can do nearby.

Ristorante Ragazzi

Seven Mile Beach | (345) 945-3484

Ristorante Ragazzi is found in the southern part of Seven Mile Beach, on Grand Cayman; 2.6 miles to the north of Georgetown. You'd be lucky to find yourself in Seven Mile Beach when you're feeling like a knock-out serving of pizza. <p>Clad by Italian vibrant colors, Ragazzi welcomes people looking out for zeal in their life. The restaurant carries a friendly atmosphere as that of the name it suggests – Ragazzi, which means “good buddies” in Italian.</p>

Treats Restaurant

Seven Mile Beach | (345) 945-4262

Treats Restaurant

Set 1.7 miles north of downtown Georgetown, Treats Restaurant is a part of West Shore Plaza. It is 2.2 miles north of Georgetown. It's worth noting that within the genre of Italian-inspired cuisine, the kitchen at Treats Restaurant is known for its coffee and juices & smoothies. <p>Treats serves up breakfast favorites with fresh eggs, beverages, as well as pastries and smoothies and fresh juices. For lunch, there are sandwiches and cold-cut platters, as well as several pasta offerings and appetizers and soups .</p>


Seven Mile Beach | (345) 623-4550

LUCA is on the premises of Caribbean Club. Speaking of delicious, specialty Italian cuisine, the kitchen at LUCA eagerly offers their pasta and seafood. <p>LUCA serves contemporary Italian dishes, with freshly made pasta, seafood, rack of lamb, and free-range chicken on the menu.</p>

Gino's Pizzeria

Batabano | (345) 943-3663

Located in Batabano, near Georgetown, Gino's Pizzeria is a popular choice for you to consider if you're going to explore this neighborhood. It's 3.5 miles south of West Bay. Make the trip here to Batabano for a mouth-watering helping of the specialty, pizza.

La Dolce Vita

Georgetown | (345) 946-7678

La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita is found just beyond the the center of Georgetown. Determined not to be a "stale" choice, not only does this place offer Italian cuisine and pasta, but it's also good at pizza. <p>Chef Musso believes that cooking is an art form, and his meals transport you straight to Italy. Pizzas, pastas, seafood, and meats make up the menu here.</p>

Italian Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Casanova Restaurant by the Sea Downtown Georgetown Italian (345) 949-7633
Domino's George Town 0.6 mi. Southeast of Downtown Georgetown Italian --
Domino's Savannah 2.0 mi. West of Central Bodden Town Italian (345) 947-1188
Domino's West Bay 6.4 mi. North of Central Georgetown Italian (345) 949-6633
Edoardo's 3.1 mi. North of Central Georgetown Caribbean, International, Italian (345) 945-4408
Gino's Pizzeria 3.0 mi. North of Central Georgetown Italian (345) 943-3663
LUCA Seven Mile Beach, Western part of Grand Cayman Italian (345) 623-4550
La Dolce Vita 0.3 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown Italian (345) 946-7678
Papa John's Queens Court Seven Mile Beach Italian (345) 943-7272
Paradise Restaurant by the Sea 0.3 mi. South West of Downtown Georgetown Asian, Caribbean, Italian (345) 945-1444
Pizza Hut Seven Mile Beach 1.6 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown American, Italian (345) 949-8687
Red Parrot 1.5 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown Italian (345) 949-0088
Ristorante Pappagallo 6.9 mi. North of Central downtown Georgetown International, Italian (345) 949-1119
Ristorante Ragazzi 2.6 mi. North of Central Georgetown Continental, Italian (345) 945-3484
The Lighthouse Restaurant at Breakers 5.0 mi. East of Central Bodden Town Italian (345) 947-2047
Treats Restaurant 1.7 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown American, Italian (345) 945-4262
Wine Down And Gourmet Market 3.7 mi. North of Central Georgetown Caribbean, International, Italian (345) 949-9463

Similar Food

Cimboco Caribbean Cafe

If your preferences are flexible, you may enjoy the distinct yet similar flavor profiles at restaurants like these:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Roland's Garden (345) 946-2500 German 1.7 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown
Over The Edge (345) 947-9568 French 0.6 mi. West of Central Old Man Bay
Blue Cilantro (345) 945-4372 French 2.6 mi. North of Central Georgetown
Periwinkle (345) 943-9000 Mediterranean 3.3 mi. North of Central Georgetown
Fidel Murphy's Public House (345) 949-5189 Irish 1.1 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown
A La Kebab 943-4343 Middle Eastern 1.6 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown
The Bistro (345) 623-6666 French 3.1 mi. North of Central Georgetown
Al La Kebab (345) 943-4343 Mediterranean 1.6 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown
Deckers (345) 945-6600 Mediterranean 3.7 mi. North of Central Georgetown

And you might also be interested in the popular specials found at restaurants like those below:

Restaurants with Similar Specialties
Restaurant Name Phone Specialty Location
Kaibo Beach Bar & Grill (345) 947-9975 Pizza 0.4 mi. South-Southwest of Central Cayman Kai
Margaritaville Cayman Islands (345) 949-6274 Pizza Downtown Georgetown
Eagle Ray's Dive Bar & Grill (345) 640-8888 Pizza 1.1 mi. Northeast of Central East End
Pelican's Reef Restaurant (345) 947-3100 Pasta 3.6 mi. North-Northeast of Central East End
Cimboco Caribbean Cafe (345) 947-2782 Pizza 1.6 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown
Agua Restaurant (345) 949-2482 Pasta 2.0 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown
XQ's Bar & Grill (345) 947-9770 Pizza 1.2 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown

Sometimes, the most exciting cuisines in the Cayman Islands are the ones you casually come across while walking around during the day. However, jotting down the addresses of a few restaurant possibilities on a checklist, might save you in a pinch. To learn even more concerning the types of food awaiting you, check out this page.


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