Italian Cuisine on Grand Cayman

While exploring the Cayman Islands, expect to happen upon a wide selection of restaurants and other dining options. Can't resist Italian food during your holiday here? Guests won't want to miss the restaurants known for this style of cooking. Expect to encounter more than enough places where you can order dishes prepped in this style.

With lots to try, from the informal locale of Ristorante Pappagallo to the inviting dinner and lunch at Domino's Savannah, you're bound to find something worth sending a postcard about.

Take a moment to read more about the rather large selection of Italian eateries to be found. For each option that interests you, click the name to view the full article about its hours, locale, and even nearby attractions.

Ristorante Ragazzi

Seven Mile Beach | (345) 945-3484

Ristorante Ragazzi is on West Bay Road. If you're curious, Georgetown is two and a half miles (four and a half kilometers) to the south. In the mood for pizza? If this describes your cravings, you'll likely agree Ristorante Ragazzi could be the one thing you both agree on.

Clad by Italian vibrant colors, Ragazzi welcomes people looking out for zeal in their life. The restaurant carries a friendly atmosphere as that of the name it suggests – Ragazzi, which means “good buddies” in Italian.

Ristorante Pappagallo

West Bay | (345) 949-1119

Ristorante Pappagallo is located toward the heart of West Bay. Fabulously fresh fish and Italian style eats are made for each other at this noteworthy place.

Ristorante Pappagallo is located within a beautiful sanctuary with exotic birds flying freely on the grounds and a peaceful, idyllic lagoon providing an exotic, appealing backdrop to this restaurant's elegant dining experience. A rich décor with a hint of Aztec and island influences set a classy stage for their award-winning wines and menu.

Dine indoors or out, in unusually beautiful settings, alongside a natural lagoon. Ristorante Pappagallo is one of the island's best dining venues, renowned for its menues variety and flair. If you factor in the welcoming ambiance, the sights and sounds you'll enjoy on your 10-minute drive from Seven Mile Beach to the heart of West Bay, the restaurant's exquisite setting on the edge of a natural lagoon in a bird sanctuary, and how you'll be greeted by the African Grey Parrot called Bogey to his friends, Humphrey to strangers, then the reasons for this top-rating become crystal clear.

Surrounded by dense vegetation and the rural sounds of the Caribbean countryside, Ristorante Pappagallo looks and feels like an upscale tropical outpost from an earlier era, its sturdy wooden structure supporting two huge thatch roofs and large beautifully-woven fans. Arriving after dark, you'll see the restaurant's lights reflecting in the lagoon teeming with silvery tarpon and sending out a golden glow into the velvety night.

You are thrown into a world of the exotic, even before reaching the front door! Then, as you enter the foyer, you are met at the front door by an African Grey Parrot, humorously called Humphrey Bogart, one of the oldest Pappagallo employees with over 30 years experience welcoming guests and posing for photos (especially with the little ones!) You will then immediately notice the inviting and well-stocked bar, decorated in an art-deco style, where customers can take pre-dinner cocktails or enjoy an after-dinner drink in a cool and inviting atmosphere.

Like many Italian restaurants, there is a strong sense of family about Ristorante Pappagallo (a word that means parrot in Italian). Not only has Bogey been welcoming patrons at the door for 25 years but many of the staff have also been there for some time, welcoming new and returning guests alike .

Gino's Pizzeria

Batabano | (345) 943-3663

Gino's Pizzeria is located close to Georgetown; it is easily reached by taxi to the south of West Bay. Tourists that want pizza will wholly love dining here during a trip to Batabano.


Seven Mile Beach | (345) 623-4550

LUCA is on the same premises as Caribbean Club, and is a smart choice worth considering if you're thinking about visiting this section of Grand Cayman. When it comes to specialty Italian culinary creations, this local spot is particularly known for its pasta and seafood.

LUCA is a versitile setting that caters to both business meals and romantic dinners. The dining room is always clean and features dark hard woods and leather furniture, giving it a modern feel and look.

Treats Restaurant

Seven Mile Beach | (345) 945-4262

Treats Restaurant

Treats Restaurant, part of West Shore Plaza, is located near downtown Georgetown; it is 2.2 miles to the north of Georgetown. Perhaps you could guess that this place is best known for Italian creations and one favorite, coffee, but we shouldn't forget they're also known for putting out great juices & smoothies.

Treats serves up breakfast favorites with fresh eggs, beverages, as well as pastries and smoothies and fresh juices. For lunch, there are sandwiches and cold-cut platters, as well as several pasta offerings and appetizers and soups .

Italian Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Casanova Restaurant by the Sea Downtown Georgetown Italian (345) 949-7633
Domino's George Town 0.6 mi. Southeast of Downtown Georgetown Italian --
Domino's Savannah 2.0 mi. West of Central Bodden Town Italian (345) 947-1188
Domino's West Bay 6.4 mi. North of Central Georgetown Italian (345) 949-6633
Edoardo's 3.1 mi. North of Central Georgetown Caribbean, International, Italian (345) 945-4408
Gino's Pizzeria 3.0 mi. North of Central Georgetown Italian (345) 943-3663
LUCA Seven Mile Beach, Western part of Grand Cayman Italian (345) 623-4550
Pizza Hut Seven Mile Beach 1.6 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown American, Italian (345) 949-8687
Ristorante Pappagallo 6.9 mi. North of Central downtown Georgetown International, Italian (345) 949-1119
Ristorante Ragazzi 2.6 mi. North of Central Georgetown Continental, Italian (345) 945-3484
The Lighthouse Restaurant at Breakers 5.0 mi. East of Central Bodden Town Italian (345) 947-2047
Treats Restaurant 1.7 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown American, Italian (345) 945-4262
Wine Down And Gourmet Market 3.7 mi. North of Central Georgetown Caribbean, International, Italian (345) 949-9463

Similar Food

Agua Restaurant

If seeking variety within the same genre, maybe you should explore related flavor profiles at local places like these:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Blue Cilantro (345) 945-4372 Mediterranean 2.6 mi. North of Central Georgetown
A La Kebab 943-4343 Middle Eastern 1.6 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown
Al La Kebab (345) 943-4343 Greek 1.6 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown
Deckers (345) 945-6600 Mediterranean 3.7 mi. North of Central Georgetown
Fidel Murphy's Public House (345) 949-5189 Irish 1.1 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown
Periwinkle (345) 943-9000 Mediterranean 3.3 mi. North of Central Georgetown

And we recommend you take a look at the featured specials at these restaurants:

Restaurants with Similar Specialties
Restaurant Name Phone Specialty Location
Margaritaville Cayman Islands (345) 949-6274 Pizza Downtown Georgetown
Kaibo Beach Bar & Grill (345) 947-9975 Pizza 0.4 mi. South-Southwest of Central Cayman Kai
Agua Restaurant (345) 949-2482 Pasta 1.8 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown
Cimboco Caribbean Cafe (345) 947-2782 Pizza 1.6 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown
Eagle Ray's Dive Bar & Grill (345) 640-8888 Pizza 1.1 mi. Northeast of Central East End
XQ's Bar & Grill (345) 947-9770 Pasta 1.2 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown

Despite your dining plans, you may find the best culinary offerings in the Cayman Islands are the ones that you stumble upon as you're out doing activities and seeing attractions. But of course, you can't go wrong when you know the names of particular restaurants ahead of time. To read much more regarding the kinds of food waiting for you, check out this page.


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