Grand Turk Attractions

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Grand Turk has been the capital of Turks and Caicos since 1766, and much of the island retains that colonial feel.  This is especially true along the oceanfront and the historic section of Cockburn Town where you'll find some of the best landmarks.  Beaches are another set of attractions you won't want to miss, and it is recommended that you stick to the west and north coast for the calmest waters and smoothest sands. 


Governor's Beach

You will find several beaches to consider visiting on the island. Snorkeling is available at some of these beaches, if some of the people in your group enjoy this relaxing pastime. Click on the beach names to read a detailed article concerning that part of the coast.

A beach that offers snorkeling is Gibbs Cay. As an uninhabited island, Gibbs Cay offers visitors the deserted island feel they often dream of experiencing when they vacation in the Caribbean. The majestically clear waters lap the sugar sand beach, which is relatively flat along the shore, then builds up into a small verdant hill.

Attractions Map

Another good choice for snorkeling fans is Little Bluff Point. When Lighthouse Road comes to an end, that is where you will find Little Bluff Point Beach. Along the way you will encounter numerous parking lots at which you can park your vehicle.

Governor's Beach: Bring your own equipment to set out on an adventurous snorkeling trip off the coast, or take a relaxing stroll down the shore at this unpopulated beach. Often voted as one of the best secluded beaches in Turks and Caicos, Governor's Beach can't be missed.

The island has a nice selection of beaches. Click here to read our article about beaches for Grand Turk.


Turks & Caicos National Museum

Assuming you like to learn about other places and cultures, you might enjoy visiting a museum while on vacation on Grand Turk.

Many travelers choose to visit Turks & Caicos National Museum. It is situated in western Grand Turk. The Turks and Caicos National Museum is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., and on Wednesday from 1:00 p.m.

Another landmark to consider visiting is John Glenn Exhibit, While you might not immediately think of the Turks and Caicos Islands when you think NASA and John Glen, the island played a major role in the space program, with NASA affiliate bases operating on the island. In fact, when John Glen returned to Earth after orbiting in space, he first went to the Turks and Caicos base before heading back to the US.

The following chart enables you to get a few details concerning a few the museums you might enjoy on the island.

Museums On Grand Turk
Name Phone Location
John Glenn Exhibit -- Grand Turk
Turks & Caicos National Museum (505) 216-1795 1.0 mi. West-Northwest of Central Grand Turk

Historical Sites

Do you enjoy learning about the history of countries you visit? If so, you might want to visit a historical site during your time on Grand Turk.

A landmark that often intrigues visitors is Brown House. It is situated in Balfour Town, South-Southwest of Grand Turk. While the Brown House is closed to the general public, guests may rent the property as a villa.

Another landmark worth visiting is White House. It is located within Balfour Town, South-Southwest of Grand Turk. You will need to check when visiting, as the house is sometimes open for tours. The schedule though is irregular.

Take some time to look through the table just below to learn more about historical sites near the island.

Historic Sites Near Grand Turk
Name Phone Location
Brown House -- 0.4 mi. North of Central Balfour Town
White House -- 0.1 mi. North-Northwest of Central Balfour Town

Miscellaneous Landmarks

Grand Turk Lighthouse

Guests can enjoy some other intriguing sites on the island.

If the functional aspects of life by the sea interest you, you might enjoy seeing Grand Turk Lighthouse. The lighthouse is a popular stop along hiking trails and donkey tours, where there is plenty of shade and a few picnic benches for those who have brought a lunch. This destination is also great for whale watching in February and March.

Miscellaneous Landmarks On Grand Turk
Name Type Location Island
Grand Turk Lighthouse Lighthouse 3.1 mi. North of Central Grand Turk Grand Turk

Land Formations

Another idea is to go see some of the more popular naturally occurring land formations. Other options like these on Grand Turk are displayed directly below.

Land Formations On Grand Turk
Name Type Location
Colonel Murrays Hill Hill Central Grand Turk
English Point Point 1.8 mi. South West of Central Grand Turk
Great Salina Pond Central Grand Turk
Hawkes Nest Salina Pond 8.9 mi. Northeast of Central Balfour Town
Hawkes Pond Salina Pond 9.2 mi. Northeast of Central Balfour Town
Matersons Point Point 1.3 mi. South of Central Grand Turk
North East Point Point 3.1 mi. North of Central Grand Turk
Town Pond Pond Central Grand Turk

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