Scuba Diving Near Grand Turk

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One of the most highly sought after scuba diving locals in the world, Grand Turk is known for its warm waters, average visibility of over 100 feet, and spectacular coral reef. Of particular note is the Black Forest, which is a coral reef garden of rare black coral; as well  as the Columbus National Park within which there are over 25 sites to explore. 

You'll find 6 dive operators and at least 25 interesting dive sites to choose from.

Dive Operators

Humpback Dive Shack

If you're ready to go diving, you might want to check with Bohio Resort Diving. A perk of staying at Bohio is the option to participate in daily open water scuba dives with this on-site dive shop that is only available to guests. Just 300 yards off shore of the hotel's beach are some of the most spectacular underwater sites in the area, and as part of the all-inclusive package guests won't have to make arrangements with a third party to see them. They are located in northwestern Grand Turk.

Another option is Oasis Divers. Oasis divers specializes in PADI certification and daily open water dives. Additionally, they will work with local hotels to create packages that include the cost of your stay as well as your dive necessities. You can call them at (649) 946-1128.

A third option is Humpback Dive Shack. Being that Grand Turk is the ultimate year-round diving destination, Humpback Dive Shack is right on the money, or the coral reefs one might say. Known for its healthy coral reef life and clear waters with up to a 150 foot visibility range, diving on Grand Turk with Humpback Dive Shack is an experience you won't want to miss. They're situated in central Grand Turk.

The chart directly below enables you to get details concerning area dive operators.

Dive Operators Near Grand Turk
Name Phone Location
Blue Water Divers (649) 946-2432 Grand Turk
Bohio Resort Diving (649) 946-2135 1.7 mi. North of Central Cockburn Town
Grand Turk Diving Company (649) 946-1559 Grand Turk
Humpback Dive Shack (649) 347-4921 Central Grand Turk
Oasis Divers (649) 946-1128 Cockburn Town, Central Grand Turk
Oasis Diving (649) 946-1298 Grand Turk

Dive Services

The table right below lists the approximate cost of dive services in this area.

Dive Services
Offering Type Low Rate High Rate
Discover Scuba $ 160.0 $ 285.0
Double Tank Dive $ 85.0 $ 150.0
Night Dive $ 60.0 $ 80.0
Open Water Certification $ 400.0 $ 550.0
Single Tank Dive $ 50.0 $ 110.0

Dive Sites

Take a moment to look through the table below for details regarding some of the area's better-known dive sites.

Dive Sites Near Grand Turk
Name Latitude Longitude
Alien Nation 21.4748964461 -71.1534023238
Amphitheater 21.4927867097 -71.1555910169
Amphitheater Annex 21.4901911605 -71.1555481015
Aquarium 21.5068817298 -71.1597538053
Black Forest 21.4784507136 -71.1549901916
Blacksmith Rock 21.4975384413 -71.1565351544
Cables 21.4654712268 -71.1519432126
Cecil's Reef 21.5025695174 -71.1573076306
Connie's Reef 21.4631947053 -71.1524152814
Coral Canyons 21.4518515068 -71.1563205777
Coral Gardens 21.4587214367 -71.1532306729
English Point 21.4407470987 -71.1564493238
Finbars 21.4842811219 -71.1554622604
Fish Pond 21.5047256396 -71.1580801068
Gregorian Wall 21.4998543551 -71.1566639005
Mama Nature 21.4732191211 -71.1525869323
McDonald's 21.4950627686 -71.1560630857
Sand River Canyon 21.4449013647 -71.1580371915
The Anchor 21.4764539448 -71.1542177154
The Lakes 21.4540882637 -71.1541318952
The Library 21.4712222806 -71.1523723556
The Pit 21.4351379828 -71.1527728848
Tiki Hut 21.4261496378 -71.1488342285
Tunnels 21.4421451822 -71.1570501386
Windmills 21.4189585633 -71.1491775513

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