Sailing and Boating Near Grand Turk

Sailing around Grand Turk is the experience of a lifetime

If sailing is your passion, you're probably itching to get out on the open water again.  Why not make your favorite pastime a pleasurable mode of transportation to Grand Turk?  

If you're a seasoned sailor with your own yacht, you'll be responsible for sailing to the island and working with customs for clearance; however, if you love sailing but aren't so good at it, you can hire a crewed charter to handle the trip.


As you near Turks and Caicos, place a call through VHF Channel 16 to let customs officials know you are on the way.  You will be directed to the official port of entry on Grand Turk, which is Government Wharf near Cockburn Town.  Arrive with your documentation at the ready, which includes a list of the crew and passengers, a list of the ship's stores, and documentation from your previous port of call.

At this point, you will likely be granted entry to the islands, and will need to request a cruising permit, which will allow you to sail around the islands for one week.  If you'd like to stay longer, you'll have to visit the immigrations office to formally put in a request.  

Considering the option of visiting Grand Turk using your own vessel, or a vessel you charter elsewhere? See the chart that follows to get summary information concerning area marinas.

Name Phone Location Island
Government Wharf -- 0.8 mi. (1.3 km) North of Cockburn Town Grand Turk

From here, you can sail around the island to find a place to dock.  Taking advantage of the contact information provided for you here will allow you to arrive prepared, and perhaps having already reserved a slip for your boat.


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