Transportation Options for Great Exuma

Great Exuma is the transportation center of the Exumas

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The main island in a district in the Bahamas located about 300 miles southeast of Florida, Great Exuma is charming island often included in lists of some of the “Must See” places in the world. Of all the islands in the Exumas, Great Exuma offers the most choices for transportation, so if you're picky about how you travel, or you like to have a lot of options at your disposal, this is the island for you.

Getting There

There are basically two ways to get to Great Exuma: by air or by sea. Most people fly to the island, but many who have frequented the isle say you haven't done your vacation justice unless you've made the journey aboard a private yacht.

Getting Around

There are no buses on Great Exuma, but tourists will find it easy to get around by either renting a car or hiring a cab. Other options include scooters and shuttles run by resort properties – and we certainly can't forget the role that sailing plays in getting around this island.

Air Travel

Great Exuma is home to an international airport, Exuma International Airport, which means the facilities here are equipped to handle large commercial jets. Still, the majority of their flights come from domestic airlines and private charters. Thrice daily flights make their way to the island from Ft. Lauderdale, and at least one more will land from Miami, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia on a daily basis. Travelers visiting from Toronto, Canada are also able to fly direct to Great Exuma once a week.

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Looking to sail to Great Exuma? It is a popular way to get there. Just keep in mind that despite being one of the few ways to reach the island, the services available to boaters are limited. Still, anyone staying on a different island that wants to visit for the day will face few difficulties. If you do want to stay longer, make sure you have plenty of supplies.

Rental Cars

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Renting a car on Great Exuma is fairly simple, with lax regulations and reasonable prices. You'll need a valid driver's license and to be over 25 to rent, and you can expect to pay about $70(USD) a day for your vehicle. Road conditions aren't the best, but they are manageable, making renting a car to explore this long island a recommended experience.

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Great Exuma is one of the Out Islands upon which you can depend on local taxi services to get you around. They are readily available at the airport and near the resorts, but you can also keep a list of taxi operator's phone numbers on hand and give them a call to pick you up whenever you are in need of a ride.

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Ferries have always played an important role in transportation between all of the islands in the Bahamas. Some have more options than others, and in truth, the ferry options are limited to and around the Exumas. On a regular basis, there are two ferry service between the more populous New Providence Island and Exuma aboard Bahamas Ferries as well as the official Bahamas Mail Boats. Another ferry service that visitors staying on Great Exuma should be aware of is a water taxi between Georgetown and nearby Stocking Island.

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Traveling in and around Great Exuma isn't a difficult task if you take the time to do your research and make decisions that suit your needs well. Now that you've read a bit about each transportation option, you are further prepared to begin booking the trip of a lifetime.


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