Activities on Great Guana Cay

A small settlement of about 150 residents exists on Great Guana Cay, best known for its gorgeous seven mile long beach and friendly atmosphere.  Tourists typically visit this island for a quiet, peaceful get away but are also fortunate to have access to a number of great activities.  The reef system is just 50 feet from the shore, so you can walk right in and begin a snorkeling or diving adventure, fishing is a fun way to pass the time and perhaps catch your own dinner, and chartering a sail boat will allow you to see some of the other islets and cays in the area. 

Bike and Scooter Rental

Only six miles long, you can be sure that there is little need for rental cars. However, in a place where walking the entire length can be done in just a couple hours, you can be sure that the added speed of a bike or moped is more than enough.

If you are thinking about feeling the wind on your face as you move along, there is one place that can help you. To find out about other bike and scooter rentals, read this page.


Great Guana Cay Diving

With a well developed coral reef located just fifty feet off shore, divers will be able to set up on the beach and walk out into the sea - much cheaper than dives requiring the use of a boat.

You'll find several dive operators and at least 4 good dive sites in the area. To read our guide to scuba diving in this area, click here.


Between the months of April and September, fishermen from around the world make their way to Great Guana Cay in hopes of trying their skills against the many fish that call the area home.

Like to go fishing? You might be happy to learn there are 4 charter fishing services in this area. Those needing to get more details concerning fishing in this area can do so here.


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If you are thinking about snorkeling you're in luck -- you'll have plenty of chances to do so within easy reach of Great Guana Cay. To reach our page about local snorkeling opportunities, see this page.


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