Beaches on Great Guana Cay

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Great Guana Cay is home to seven miles of picturesque beaches on the Atlantic side that are always sparsely populated, but the condition of the water depends greatly on the weather.  On the Caribbean side, the beaches will often have a few more bodies, however they are vastly less crowded than those you'll find in popular resort areas, and the waters are calm and perfect for snorkeling. 

Pick Your Ideal Beach

There are a large selection of beaches to enjoy on and near the island. Snorkeling is available at some of the beaches, for vacationers who are so inclined. Just click on each beach name to read a detailed article concerning that particular stretch of sand.

Guana Cay Beach

Treasure Cay Beach: Treasure Cay Beach is known for its calm, turquoise waters and soft, diamond white sands. The beach stretches along the coast for three and a half miles.

Another location for beach-goers to consider is Sandy Cay. There are two beaches on this private island. Once faces to the west and the other to the south east, totaling 800 feet of some of the softest, whitest sand imaginable.

Gillam Bay Beach: There is not much to Gillam Bay Beach. With development limited to just the occasional villa, you rarely ever need to worry about loud music or crowds.

The table directly below has a few details concerning the beaches available on and near the island.

Beaches On and Near Great Guana Cay
Name Location Island Coast
Bight 'O Bay Beach 0.3 mi. East-Northeast of Central Green Turtle Cay Green Turtle Cay East
Cemetery Beach 0.6 mi. Southeast of Central Man of War Cay Man of War Cay South East
Crossings Beach 1.4 mi. East-Northeast of Central Marsh Harbour Great Abaco North
Gillam Bay Beach 5.7 mi. North-Northwest of Central Treasure Cay Green Turtle Cay Southeast
Guana Cay Beach 3.1 mi. Northwest of Central Great Guana Cay Great Abaco North East
Nathan’s Bay Beach 1.2 mi. North of Central Hopetown Elbow Cay North
Sandy Cay 4.4 mi. Northwest of Central Hopetown Sandy Cay South
Treasure Cay Beach 0.1 mi. West of Central Treasure Cay Great Abaco North

Luckily, Great Guana Cay has other attractions. To get more information about other attractions, read this article.


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