Great Guana Cay Ferries

Visitors and locals in the Abacos rely on ferries greatly to get between the islands

The first stop on your journey to Great Guana Cay will likely be a flight into Marsh Harbour on nearby Great Abaco Island. From there, you will have to sail to Great Guana Cay. While some people will choose to hire a private charter, or even rent a yacht to sail themselves, most end up utilizing local ferry services.

Mail Boats

Mail Boats only stop in a few places in the Abacos, and Great Guana Cay is one of them; Marsh Harbour, Green Turtle Cay, Sandy Point, and Moore's Island are the others. Mail Boats are run by the government, and offer not only passenger transportation, but also deliver mail and freight between many islands in the Bahamas, as you can see on the chart above. The boats are slow moving because of their size and weight, but the low cost of ticket more than makes up for it if you're a tourist traveling on a budget. With questions concerning the Mail Boat service, contact the Dockmaster's Office at 242-393-1064.

Fast Ferries

If you have limited travel time and don't mind spending a little extra money to get from place to place, Bahamas Fast Ferries are a better fit for you. These ferries were designed specifically to be the faster counter-part to the Mail Boat system. Fast Ferries begin their day each morning at 8:00 a.m., traveling to the Abacos, Andros Islands, Eleuthera, and the Exumas, before returning to Nassau at 6:00 p.m. Check the chart below for schedules and rates.

Albury's Ferries

Albury's Ferries is the most important ferry service for you to be aware of during your stay in the Abacos. Likely, you'll fly into the Marsh Harbour International Airport, then be responsible for making your way over to Great Guana Cay. Albury's can get you there with little hassle. Simply take a taxi to the docks, where you'll be able to hop on board a ferry for the 20 to 30 minute ride to your final destintaion. With their 12 fiberglass "donnies," Albury's also makes trips to Man-of-War, Hope Town, and Scotland, and all trips cost just $17(USD) one day. Take a lot at the list below or the standard schedule.

Make finding water transportation easy by browsing the selection of ferry services below.

Ferry Docks
Name Location Island
Abaco Adventures Man O' War Dock Man of War Cay Man of War Cay
Abaco Adventures Treasure Cay Dock Treasure Cay Great Abaco
Albury's Ferry Scotland Cay Dock Scotland Cay Scotland Cay
Albury's Guana Dock Great Guana Cay Great Guana Cay
Albury's Man-O-War Ferry Dock Man of War Cay Man of War Cay

Chances are, unless you hire a private charter or are able to sail yourself; you'll end up on a ferry at least twice during your stay on Great Guana Cay. Take the time to get to know a little about the water transportation system,and you may find that your wanderlust will lead you to visit other islands in the chain during your stay.

Ferry Routes, Great Guana Cay
Location Served Dock A Dock B Company Frequency
Marsh Harbour Albury's Guana Dock Albury's Marsh Harbour Dock Albury's Ferry Service several times per day
Treasure Cay Orchid Bay Marina Abaco Adventures Treasure Cay Dock Abaco Adventures 1 to 2 days per week

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