Transportation Options for Great Guana Cay

Transportation to and around Great Guana Cay is limited

Tourists headed to Great Guana Cay do so in hopes of hiding away from all of the crowded destinations in the Bahamas like Paradise Island and Freeport. Only approximately 150 people live on the island, so nightlife and shopping is limited, but swimming, fishing, sailing, and rest are available in abundance. Getting to Great Guana Cay takes a bit of planning, and transportation options on the island are limited.

Getting There

Although traveling by plane is possible for the first leg of your journey, at some point, you'll have to brave the open seas in order to get to Great Guana Cay. Some people will fly to a nearby island and take a ferry, while others crave the adventurous nature of sailing their own water craft.

Getting Around

There are no cars on Great Guana Cay, which means you won't have the opportunity to rent one for exploring, or even be able to hail a cab when you need a quick ride to a restaurant. The main mode of transportation on this island is the golf cart. You can rent one for between $230 and $300(USD) a day, and they come in either electric or gas-powered. Though they don't move as quickly as a regular vehicle, they are the perfect fit for the laid back pace of life on Great Guana Cay.

Air Travel

There are a few different routes you can take to fly to Great Guana Cay, but the most popular and fastest way is to fly to the airport on Abaco, the Marsh Harbour International Airport. Flights into this airport typically come from Florida, which means travelers from the United States, Canada, and Europe will make connections in the southern U.S. state before making their final decent into the Bahamas. A few commercial carriers like American Eagle make the journey on a daily basis. From there, a ferry can get visitors the rest of the way to Great Guana Cay.

To learn more about all of your flight options, take a look at our guide to Air Travel to Great Guana Cay.


...known as the “Old Bahamas...


If you are looking for a tropical island surrounded by pristine water ripe for divers, snorkelers, and relaxing sail boaters, then you've stumbled upon the right place. Great Guana Cay may not be one of the most popular Bahama islands, but is does reserve a sizable fan-base, especially from those who fell in love with what is known as the “Old Bahamas”. Sailors especially will enjoy the calm journey from the neighboring islands, or from Florida.


Ferries are an important way to get around in the Bahamas, and this is especially true in Abaco where there are numerous islands with no airport. This means ferries are the only way to travel between the islands if you are not in possession of a boat of your own. Most people who visit Great Guana Cay will take Albury's Ferry Service between Marsh Harbour and the island, a 20 to 30 minute trip that costs $17(USD).

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This tiny, quiet island is not as easy to get to as say New Providence or Grand Bahama, but it takes a certain type of traveler to want to visit Great Guana in the first place – and chances are, this type of person is willing to go the extra mile to enjoy such a pristine getaway.


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