Activities on Green Turtle Cay

Typified by colorful clapboard houses and a friendly expat community, Green Turtle Cay is a small island that is known for specializing in a handful of activities.  Sailing and fishing are at the top of the list, which leads to the possibility for scuba diving.  Shopping it also a fun pastime, thanks to the funky handmade wares sold in local shops, and there are enough cultural and historical sites to make your sightseeing tour a day-long event. 

Bike and Scooter Rental

There are no cars on Green Turtle Cay. Because of this, bikes and scooters are not only a fun pass-time, but a also a primary mode of transportation.

If you are intrigued by the idea of sightseeing at a more leisurely pace, you will encounter a variety of different places that can help you. To read more about bike and scooter rentals, visit this page.


Green Turtle Cay Diving

Well known as a great place for beginning and intermediate divers, Green Turtle Cay delivers some high-quality sites that are perfect for developing skills. However, even experienced divers will be able to enjoy the diverse marine life found here.

There are two dive operators and a small number of interesting dive sites in the area. If you'd like to get more information about diving in this area, can do so here.


Green Turtle Cay is a popular destination for fishermen, no matter what kind of fishing they are hoping to get in during their vacation.

Enjoy fishing? There are two charter fishing companies operating in this area. To see our complete page about deep sea fishing, go to this article.


If there are some foks who enjoy exploring new shops vacationing with you, they're not completely out of luck -- at least 6 retailers are located in this area. To read our full guide to shopping on Green Turtle Cay, read this article.


If you enjoy underwater beauty there's good news -- you can easily find places to do so in the waters off the coast of Green Turtle Cay. To read about other snorkeling opportunities, visit this page.


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