Car Rentals on Green Turtle Cay

You'll be able to zip around Green Turtle Cay on a cozy golf cart

What you'll find as you begin to explore your transportation options on Green Turtle Cay is that there are no full-sized vehicles readily available to foreigners. Some hotels have shuttles to get their guests around, and of course there are taxis available, but neither is the same as striking out on your own for solo exploration. Fortunately, renting a golf cart is a popular option on the island.

Renting a Cart

If you have a driver's license and you are over the age of 18, you are the perfect candidate to rent a golf cart on Green Turtle Cay. The carts here are easily driven, mostly open to the elements, and can carry up to four passengers at once.

The chart below lists the rental agencies in this general area.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
D&P Rentals (242) 365-4655 Green Turtle Cay
Kool Karts (242) 365-4176 Green Turtle Cay
Sea Side Golf Cart Rentals (242) 477-5497 Green Turtle Cay

Driving on Green Turtle Cay

Green Turtle Cay spans just three miles and has only one road. It runs from the town of New Plymouth to the Green Turtle Club, mainly traversed by the hotel shuttle and golf carts owned by locals and rented by tourists. The road is narrow, and traffic moves to the left, but it is so minimal that even those who don't necessarily feel comfortable driving in a foreign country should have no trouble at all.

Driving on Green Turtle Cay is as unique an experience as visiting there, right down to the fact that golf carts serve as the main form of transportation not only for visitors but locals alike. Because the island is so secluded and rarely overcrowded, it is easy to come by a rental, but you should still make arrangements in advance just to be safe.


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