Best Accommodations for Dining on Grenada

Hotels on Grenada Known for Great Dining

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One of the joys of vacationing is the opportunity to experience a variety of different foods. You will discover many intriguing dining possibilities on Grenada, and plenty of new flavors to test. There, chefs claim to be inspired by local culinary styles, as well as those from nearby islands.

The properties included below are great options if you anticipate trying new foods as a big part of your vacation. Some of these top picks are known for the full service restaurants on their properties, while others are in the vicinity of more restaurants than you'll have time to try.

Grenada's Best Hotels for Dining Options

Travelers tend to eat more meals at their hotels than they planned to—especially after an exhausting day. So one of the important factors to consider when choosing a hotel on Grenada is the dining options offered at each property. Not only is on-site dining an easy choice, but many hotels are known for having world-class restaurants, which attracts vacationers of all kinds.

The properties below were chosen with many considerations in mind, including their convenience, their diversity, and of course their full service restaurants.

Properties on Grenada for Excellent Dining
Property Location Snack Bar Room Service
Coyaba Beach Resort Grand Anse check
Radisson Grenada Beach Resort Grand Anse
Blue Horizons Garden Resort Grand Anse check check
Spice Island Beach Resort Grand Anse check
Mount Cinnamon Resort Grand Anse

We find that the highest rated property, especially for its memorable restaurants, is Coyaba Beach Resort, so food lovers who book their stays at the resort shouldn't worry whether they'll find good food. <p>There are two excellent dining options at Coyaba Beach Resort. Arawakabana is an ocean-side restaurant offering Grenadian specialties and international favorites. The Carbet is an alfresco poolside grill serving a range of favorites like burgers, fish, and baguette sandwiches.</p>

If one of these hotels or resorts catches your eye, click its name to continue reading detailed articles about the property — because before you book, it's important to consider all amenities.

Best Hotels on Grenada for Nearby Dining

You may also want to consider how close your hotel is to the restaurants in town. Even if the food at your hotel is terrific, no trip would be complete without searching for a good nearby restaurant, particularly if your vacation lasts more than a few days.

Below you'll find properties chosen by how closely they're located to clusters of local restaurants.

Best Properties on Grenada for Off-Site Dining
Property Location
Point Salines Hotel Grand Anse
Lexus Inn St. George's
Flamboyant Hotel & Villas Grand Anse
Candle Glow Apartments St. George's
Kalinago Beach Resort Grand Anse

Keep in mind that many of Grenada's best restaurants are found inside hotels, so who knows? You may have a chance to expand your palette if you eat at a completely different property. By clicking the name of any hotel on this page, you will see further details, photos, and facts about it, as well as all the food and beverage details you need to know.


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