Belmont Estate

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Belmont Estate is a historic plantation circa the 17th century that serves as a popular tourist attraction in St. Patrick. Here, guests can tour the grounds and see how a fully functional plantation operates.

Belmont Estate

Exhibits and Offerings

Belmont is more than just a plantation. As you tour the grounds you will notice that the property is home to an organic farm, several gardens, and cocoa processing facilities along with a restaurant, museum, goat dairy farm, petting farm, and even a credit union.

The museum houses a collection of artifacts and displays that detail the history of Grenada, from home life to traditions on the island, and of course, an exhibit dedicated to life on the plantation.

There are three different gardens on property: the Orchid Garden, the Blue Garden, and the Sugarcane Garden. Each is well kept and open for tours.

Tours of the grounds are available, in which a knowledgeable guide is there to talk you through the working of a plantation, including stories about Belmont Estate's history, and how raw product becomes those that are sold on shelves.

Many museums serve their visitors more than just the opportunity peruse the property. Something to quench your hunger and thirst are conjointly often available for tourists at an additional cost. This site is one such example.

Staying Close

You may enjoy staying in Belmont if you plan on visiting Belmont Estate, as travelers to this part of Grenada will be excited to have easy museum access during their time there. There isn't much congestion in the area near the museum, especially as there are so few places to stay close.

Hotels near Belmont Estate
Hotel Type Distance Direction
Barry's Country Retreat Hotel 2.9 mi. (10.6 km) N
Blue Sky South Cottages Cottages 4.0 mi. (11.2 km) NNW
Petite Anse Hotel Resort 4.4 mi. (11.0 km) NNW
Almost Paradise Cottages 4.4 mi. (10.9 km) NNW

Location and What's Nearby

Located in Belmont, Belmont Estate invites residents and visitors who are rooming in this small hamlet or the surrounding area. But even if you aren't staying in this location, you are free to stop by to enjoy a great time. If you're wondering, Grenville is three and a half miles (six kilometers) to the south.

The plantation is located in the township of St. Patrick, on the major road between the villages of Tivoli and Hermitage. It's easy to reach by car, by following one of several principal routes from the capital. You can drive from St. Georges via Grand E'tang, taking the Eastern Main Road through St. David or the Western Main Road through Gouyave and Victoria. It's only 15 minutes drive from Sauteurs or Grenville. It is also acessible by bus -- check with your hotel or make a reservation through one of the local tour operators.

You might consider eating at Belmont Estate's on-site restaurant, a good choice for those hoping to get something to eat without having to leave the area. If you've had enough time on your feet, and are ready to eat, you can choose from amongst several restaurants in the neighborhood of Belmont Estate. Belmont Estate, which offers Creole dishes, is also the most convenient option for museum visitors. Belmont Estate is only around less than a hundred yards from this site's location, so grab a table and peruse the menu. Morne Fendue and Barry's Country Retreat Restaurant are some of the additional food and drink options near Belmont Estate. At Barry's Country Retreat Restaurant you and your party can eat some Caribbean fare and enjoy the Grenada scene.


Operating Hours

Belmont Estate is open to the public Sunday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. except on Christmas Day.


Show up at this attraction prepared to give over the total cost of admission, which your party can learn by phoning ahead of time.

Contact Information

Phone Number: (473) 442-9524

Location: Belmont, Grenada




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