When is the Best Time to Visit Grenada?

Deciding on the right vacation time is important to enjoying your trip

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When to Visit Grenada

Grenada's wet and dry seasons bring different numbers and different types of visitors to the area. When deciding when to travel to Grenada, consider what is most important to you: escaping the crowds or staying dry.


Grenada Beaches

Grenada maintains balmy tropical temperatures almost all year long, with an average hovering around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Grenada's rainy season lasts from June to November, when rain falls an average of about 22 days per month.

The extended season accounts for the island's flourishing vegetation, which is one of the appealing aspects of the area. Grenada's dry season falls between November and May, which is also the high tourism season in the Caribbean. You may escape the heavy rains during this time of year, but you will probably be sharing your vacation with crowds of tourists escaping the cold northern weather.

High Season on Grenada


Grenada Accommodations

Traveling to Grenada during the high season, which runs from mid-December to mid-April, means you will be experiencing the island during its busiest time of year. This is when vacationers from cooler climates flock to the tropics in order to enjoy a reprieve from scarves and snow boots. Because this is when the island enjoys the most business, you can expect that every business will roll out the red carpet to appeal to customers and keep up with competitors.

The downside to visiting Grenada during this time of year is that it is busy. If you'd like to get a table for dinner at a popular restaurant, or ensure that you have a room at a top resort, you will have to make your reservations in advance. Prices are higher during this time of year as well, and shop-owners are less likely to strike a deal on a product that you may want to purchase as a souvenir.

Low Season on Grenada

Conversely, Grenada's low season is much more laid back, and a better example of how life on the island is for locals. With fewer tourists crowding streets, shops, restaurants, and hotels, prices go down, and the need for restaurant reservations is less.

The downside to traveling to Grenada in the off season is that this is the time that island businesses use to revitalize. Your hotel may be planning renovations, while shops and restaurants may close earlier. Still, if avoiding crowds and saving money is important to you, these are things that you can easily work around.

Events and Festivals

Grenada Events and Festivals

...visiting Grenada will be unforgettable.

You may also want to consider what atmosphere is most appealing. If a quieter, more peaceful vacation is in your sights, then avoid visiting during popular festivities, like the Annual Drum Festival at Tivoli. If you're in search of a more up-beat environment, travelers will find the Grenadians know how to get down when it comes to festivals and weekend night life. Carnival is one of the biggest and most popular events in the Caribbean. In Grenada, Carnival is celebrated on the second week of August. Several exciting activities take place during this time including steel drum contests and parades.

The right time to visits depends on you: Do you want uninterrupted days of lounging on the beach, or to avoid the crowds of the dry season, No matter when you decide to go, visiting Grenada will be unforgettable.


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