Booking your Trip to Grenada

There are a number of ways to purchase your vacation to Grenada

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Finding the best deal on flights, accommodations, and other activities from reliable vendors is a top priority. Luckily, a number of such vendors are available and make buying your final tickets to Grenada easy.

The Internet

The Internet is the easiest and most popular way to book your travel. You can spend time finding information and exploring options to craft your perfect vacation, and if you've already done some online research, booking your final arrangements is easy. An increasing number of companies encourage electronic booking, and security on most sites safely allows you to electronically submit your travel and personal information.


You may book your travel on the Internet directly through airline, cruise, and hotel Web sites or compare prices and options by searching through the extensive database of information and services provided by Internet travel vendors. If you go through companies directly, you may be eligible to receive reduced rates and specials. Additionally, some hotels may offer extra benefits such as drink and meal coupons or free Internet time for those who book electronically.

Travel vendor sites enable you to see prices and information for an ecolodge or small inn displayed alongside pricing information for a luxurious all-inclusive resort. This is an excellent way to directly compare the price and quality of services offered by different companies and to choose an option within your budget that you feel comfortable with.

Internet travel vendors offer booking options for airfare, cruise fare, rental cars, hotel and other accommodations, and even tours and activities. In addition, many vendors will offer packaged deals that allow travelers to book their hotel, airfare, and rental cars in one payment.

There are a number of vendor sites available on the Internet, and many of these sites will receive similar if not identical deals from the companies that they list on their sites. Although prices may be similar, examine the fine print and list of included charges in their price quotes. Some companies may leave out tax, convenience charges, departure fees, and other costs until the final stage of your electronic checkout. These fees can significantly increase the final cost of your booking.

Travel vendor sites can appeal to general travelers or to people with specific wishes for their vacation style or destination. It may be useful to compare prices and services on these sites, as specialist sites may have deals or options that are unavailable elsewhere.

Travel vendor sites provide the added benefit of holding the primary service companies accountable for the services they provide. If companies continually provide customers with unsatisfactory experiences, travel vendors are unlikely to represent them on their site.

Phones and Travel Agents

Telephone representatives and travel agents are still reliable when it comes to booking your vacation. If you know which company you wish to deal with, call them directly. Phone representatives may also be able to offer discounts, though these discounts may not be as significant as Internet specials.

Established travel agents who have acquired reputations for being knowledgeable and friendly can be good sources. Travel agents, like vendors, may also specialize in travel to a certain region or may focus on a certain type of vacation. These agents may be able to offer a number of vacation packages and personal insight into traveling to a certain region or country such as Grenada.

Whether you go to the island to enjoy scuba diving, sailing, or simply to relax, there are a number of ways to book travel to Grenada.



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