Buses on Grenada

Riding the bus is an affordable way to see the real Grenada


Buses on Grenada are reliable, affordable, and will allow you to ride like a real Grenadian. Bus routes serve most of the island, which makes them just as popular with tourists as they are with locals. Travel short distances or use the buses to get to popular spots across the island.

Bus Routes

Public buses and mini-vans make frequent stops between the island's major cities, including routes from Grand Anse to Saint George's. Buses operate daily on a regular schedule from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., except on Sundays when no bus service is available. The main bus terminal operates out of the capital city of St. George's, where tourists can find buses traveling to different parts of the island. You should be able to spot the bus that's bound for your destination because all routes are clearly marked at the terminal, and stickers on buses are printed with terminating stops.

Mini-vans may be a little harder to identify because they are smaller and because many don't have signs indicating final destinations. These mini-vans, or mini-buses don't have a uniform color and often don't run on a specific timetable, but you can recognize them by their number plates, which must start with the letter "H." Privately owned buses are endowed with names and/or slogans, such as "Humble they self" or "Too much ah dem." If you have problems finding the right bus, don't be shy about asking for help. Grenada is known to be one of the most friendly islands in the Caribbean, and most locals are more than willing to lend a helping hand.

Bus Routes
Route Beginning Stops Along the Route End
Zone 1 to Grand Anse St. George Bus Terminal Lagoon Road Bus Stop, Grand Anse Bus Stop, Belmont Bus Stop Calliste Bus Stop
Zone 2 to Woburn St. George Bus Terminal Springs Bus Stop, Woodlands Bus Stop Woburn Bus Stop
Zone 3 to Marian St. George Bus Terminal Richmond Hill (Fort Frederick) Bus Stop, Morne Jaloux Bus Stop Marian Bus Stop
Zone 4 to Grenville St. George Bus Terminal Beaton Bus Stop, La Tante Bus Stop Grenville Bus Stop
Zone 5 to Victoria St. George Bus Terminal Grand Roy Bus Stop, Gouyave Bus Stop Victoria Bus Stop
Zone 6 to Grenville via Grand Etang St. George Bus Terminal Grand Etang Bus Stop, Birch Grove Bus Stop Grenville Bus Stop
Zone 7-A to New Hampshire St. George Bus Terminal Annandale Bus Stop New Hampshire Bus Stop
Zone 7-B to Mt. Parnassus St. George Bus Terminal River Road Bus Stop, Tempe Bus Stop Mt. Parnassus Bus Stop
Zone 8-A to Happy Hill St. George Bus Terminal Cherry Hill Bus Stop, Fontenoy Bus Stop Happy Hill Bus Stop
Zone 8-B to Mt. Mortiz St. George Bus Terminal Cherry Hill Bus Stop, Fontenoy Bus Stop Mt. Mortiz Bus Stop
Zone 8-C to Brizan St. George Bus Terminal Cherry Hill Bus Stop, Beausejour Bus Stop Brizan Bus Stop
Zone 9-A to Grenville Sauteurs Bus Terminal Rose Hill Bus Stop, Mount Rose Bus Stop, River Sallee Bus Stop Grenville Bus Stop
Zone 9-B to Grenville Sauteurs Bus Terminal Hermitage Bus Stop, Tivoli Bus Stop Grenville Bus Stop

When hailing a bus, don't be surprised if driver shouts something at you as the bus slows down. He or she is only asking if you want to get on the bus. Many people use the bus as a primary means of transportation, so the buses tend to be pretty crowded. But if the bus stops and looks full, get on anyway because passengers will usually make room for you. If you want to stop before reaching the bus terminal, knock in the roof of the bus. The cost of your journey will only be about $1(EC) to $4.50(EC), and tourists should try to avoid paying in U.S. dollars.

While aboard one of the island buses or mini-buses, vacationers can have a lot of fun while traveling to many destinations. There is often live entertainment as you drive, which usually consists of typical Caribbean music. Longer bus rides can go by in no time while you enjoy the company of Grenada's friendly people.


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