Map of Restaurants and Bars Near Cabier Ocean Lodge

2 | Cabier Ocean Lodge Restaurant

(473) 444-6013 | French and Creole

This bar and grill is located at Cabier Ocean Lodge.


3 | Petit Bacaye Treetop Restaurant


Travelers will be able to find this restaurant on the southeastern edge of Prickley Bay, five miles (seven and a half kilometers) south west of Cabier Ocean Lodge.


4 | Water's Edge Bar & Restaurant

(473) 443-2822 | Afghan

This restaurant is situated 3.8 miles (6.0 km) south west of Cabier Ocean Lodge, and is on the same premises as Bel Air Plantation Resort.

5 | La Sagesse Nature Center Restaurant

(473) 444-6458 | Seafood

Interested guests can find this restaurant within La Sagesse Nature Centre, less than a mile away from Water's Edge Bar & Restaurant.


1 | Pirates' Cove Restaurant & Bar

(473) 444-2342 | Eclectic

Head northwest for 5.2 miles (8.3 km) from Cabier Ocean Lodge to find this restaurant, which is located within Grand View Inn.


The interactive map depicts the 5 nearby food and drink venues vacationers can find within five miles (eight and a half kilometers) of Cabier Ocean Lodge. In addition to what's available on the premises, the next closest spot to grab a bite is La Sagesse Nature Center Restaurant (see map number 5), which you'll find three miles (five kilometers) South West of the accommodation. To see a closer view of the region, or to learn more about the places shown, interact with the map by using your mouse. The numbers seen on the map above correspond with what is found listed in the table below.

Restaurants Near Cabier Ocean Lodge
Map No. Type Restaurant Name Distance from Lodging
1 Eclectic Pirates' Cove Restaurant & Bar 5.2 mi. (8.3 km)
2 Caribbean, Creole, French, Indian Cabier Ocean Lodge Restaurant On-site
3 Caribbean Petit Bacaye Treetop Restaurant 4.8 mi. (7.7 km)
4 Afghan, Appetizers Water's Edge Bar & Restaurant 3.8 mi. (6.0 km)
5 Caribbean, Seafood La Sagesse Nature Center Restaurant 3.2 mi. (5.2 km)

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