Grenada Casinos

All though casinos are illegal on Grenada, there are spaces in which gambling is done in a perfectly legal manner

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Grenada Casinos

While many islands in the Caribbean offer visitors the chance to spend some time rolling the dice or playing the slots in a casino setting, Grenada is not one of those locales.

Casino gambling is illegal on Grenada, but the interesting thing about this scenario is that there are unregulated cash slot machine throughout the country. These machines can usually be found in malls, and in arcades where children frequent – it seems there are no age limits imposed on them. There is also a national lottery, and government sponsored bingo tournaments upon occasion. Those who support the legalization of casinos find this to be hypocrisy on the part of the Grenadian government.

Still, there remains much debate regarding whether or not gambling should be legalized, and parliament discusses the issue on a regular basis, usually after a large investor has petitioned for a license to open a casino.

Those against allowing casinos on Grenada say that though it might boost Grenada's economy, it would harm residents by enticing them to gamble away all of their money, and provide an environment in which gambling, alcohol, and even drugs is glorified. Proponents, meanwhile, insist that the tourism industry cannot move forward without the legalization of casinos. Many are pushing to allow a casino to be opened by the cruise docks in St. George's but as of yet, nothing has been finalized.

Vacationers who yearn to spend time in the casinos during their Grenada vacation have the option of hoping on a quick flight to nearby St. Vincent, where casino gambling is legal, or hope they come across a rogue slot machine as they explore Grenada.

Still your vacation to Grenada need not be ruined because of the lack of gambling options. Grenada's beautiful landscape offers visitors plenty of opportunity to explore the natural side of life, and there are plenty of landmarks worth seeing as well. Additionally, there are plenty of night time hot spots like clubs and bars that will keep your casino-free nights just as busy.


Though casino-gambling may be at the top of your vacation to do list, don't let this country's lack of casinos keep you from enjoying all that the enchanting island of Grenada has to offer.


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