Clothing and Attire on Grenada

Travelers may wish to dress to impress when going out on Grenada

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Clothing on Grenada

A vacation on Grenada can bring occasions for shopping, dining, lounging, swimming, and more. Your suitcase should be packed with clothes appropriate for all the possible activities you'll encounter on vacation.

Nearly everyone who travels to Grenada, located far south in the Caribbean, visits the luxurious sandy beaches. Even if you don't go to the beach regularly, the tropical climate requires light clothing, so bring swimsuits, shorts, tank tops, and sandals. These will be among the most important items in your suitcase. Vacationers will need to stay clothed on all beaches because topless and nude sunning is prohibited on Grenada. Travelers should also remember to pack sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen because visitors from the north are unlikely to be used to the strength of the sun on Grenada. A sunburn at the beginning of a trip can be quite inconvenient.


Other outdoor activities may require additional pieces of activewear clothing. Hiking boots can help travelers who have chosen to hike or explore one of the area's numerous waterfalls. Mountain bikers and scuba divers may also wish to bring equipment and clothing for use as they adventure throughout various island terrains. Long pants can be useful on most islands in the Caribbean to provide protection from mosquitoes, whether you're in the city or trekking through the wilds.

In addition to feeling comfortable, most travelers should also wear clothing that natives consider appropriate. Beachwear, swimsuits, and other pieces of revealing clothing such as low-cut shorts and skirts are considered highly inappropriate in restaurants, shops, hotels, cities, and streets. Many residents of the Caribbean islands dress sharply and neatly, and travelers should always strive to wear clothes that are comfortable and casual but neat. Casual sportswear is fine during the day, but if you're dining out in the evening, bring trousers and button-down or collared shirts (for men) and dresses or blouses paired with smart slacks (for women). Travelers should pack garments made of such lightweight fabrics as cotton and linen, which breathe in the Caribbean heat and humidity. Business travelers or vacationers who will be celebrating special occasions by dining in some of the island's finest restaurants should bring more formal clothing.

Evenings can occasionally become cool, even in the far south of the Caribbean, and a light sweater can help you stay warm during cooler nights. If you visit during the rainy season (June to December), you may wish to pack a light rain jacket for protection from showers.

Armed with just a few different types of clothing, visitors can easily feel confident they are dressed appropriately and are comfortable during a vacation to Grenada.


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