All About Crime on Grenada

Vacationers should always take steps to protect themselves from crime

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Crime on Grenada

Although Grenada feels like paradise, it's good to remember that crime against tourists and residents can and does occur in this region. Travelers on Grenada should take precautions to keep themselves and their belongings safe while on vacation.

Common sense and the safety measures you would take in any foreign place, isolated area, or major city can go a long way in staying safe. Keep valuables such as cash, credit cards, and passports secured. Take advantage of safes when leaving important items in your hotel room and use concealed pouches or buttoned and hard-to-reach pockets when carrying cash, credit cards, and identification. Valuables left unattended in cars and on the beach are easily stolen.

Armed robbery and street crime can be a concern, so you should avoid brandishing large amounts of money or expensive jewelry and electronics in public places. Many criminals will target tourists in areas near beaches, hotels, and restaurants, so exercise caution in these areas after dark. Traveling on foot after dark can be dangerous, and deserted areas such as beaches and alleys should be avoided both day and night. There are harsh penalties for drug use and possession on Grenada, so travelers should avoid these illegal substances.

Keep an important list of safety contacts to quickly alert authorities to a crime. The following numbers could come in handy:

Contact Phone Number
Police / Fire 911
Ambulance (St. George's Area) 434
Ambulance (St. Andrews Area) 724
Ambulance (Carriacou) 774

In the event of a crime, travelers should contact both local law enforcement authorities and the embassy and consular agent that serves the island. Consular agents can assist travelers who are victims of crime by obtaining financial and medical assistance. Stolen passports should especially be reported to your local embassy.

Don't allow a fear of crime to dominate your actions, but do be cautious and take steps to protect yourself. Most travelers will find the people of Grenada to be friendly and welcoming.


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