Scuba Diving Near Grenada

Grenada is known as the Wreckage Dive Capital of the Caribbean

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There is an entire world on Grenada that you won’t want to leave undiscovered – the underwater world. Just below the surface of the ocean are coral reefs teeming with tropical fish, dive sites, and amazing sites that can only be explored with a dive mask.


Grenada is a great diving location due to the 30 to 100 foot range of visibility. The best way to explore what lies beneath is by planning a diving tour during your Grenada vacation. These tours may cost between $35 and $1500(USD) and include transportation, equipment, and knowledgeable guides who are able to take you to sites you may not have otherwise known about.

Before you plan your underwater adventure, it is important to note the differences between diving and snorkeling. Though the two activities are often spoken of in the same breath, they are two very distinct sports.

Snorkeling requires very little equiptment or preparation. Diving is a bit more complicated. When one scuba dives, they make use of an air tank attached to a BCD (Buoyancy Control Device), which allows them to actually breath under water. This affords them the opportunity to explore depths much deeper than snorkelers can reach.

...Wreckage Dive Capital of the Caribbean...


Scuba Diving can be an exciting, easy to learn, and safe activity if you learn the basics with a professional dive center. There are several different options available to get you started, ranging between one and four days of training. The Discover Scuba Diving Experience course teaches you the most important skills you can learn sans certification. After this class, you will be ready to go out on a dive with your instructor. The Scuba Diver and Open Water Diver courses go into more detail, which will allow you to gain certification and begin diving on your own. Prices for these courses run between $100(USD) and $550(USD).

You'll find 5 dive operators, some dive shops, and at least 34 interesting dive sites to choose from.

Dive Operators and Shops

Dive shops in this area are provided in the following chart.

Dive Shops Near Grenada
Name Phone Location Island
Aquanauts Grenada (473) 444-1126 1.8 mi. South-Southwest of Central Grand Anse Grenada
Deefer Diving Carriacou (473) 443-7882 Hillsborough, Northeastern part of Grenada Carriacou
Scubatech Dive Center (473) 439-4346 1.5 mi. South of Central Grand Anse Grenada
Eco Dive

If you want to go diving, you might want to contact Lumbadive. This dive center, which is run by a couple originally from Quebec, Canada, offers "VIP Treatment" for each diver they work with. This means quality training and equipment, friendly guides, and taking all of your personal needs into consideration when planning the course and dive schedule. They are located on Carriacou, in northern Grenada.

A second option is Dive Grenada Scuba Centre. Dive Grenada specializes in relaxed small group dives of up to only six divers at once. They offer transportation to and from your hotel as long as you are staying within Grand Anse Beach and transfer service for cruise ship passengers planning to dive. You can call them at (473) 444-1092.

A third option is Native Spirit Scuba. The first and only Grenadian owned and operated scuba center on the island, this is a small company with a focus on small boat dives and personalized service. The owner is Adrian Blackman who is the most highly skilled and recognized PADI diver on the island. They're located in Grand Anse, in southwestern Grenada.

Some key facts regarding diving services in the area are provided in the table below.

Dive Operators Near Grenada
Name Phone Location Island
Devotion 2 Ocean (473) 444-3483 0.4 mi. Southeast of Downtown St. George Grenada
Dive Grenada Scuba Centre (473) 444-1092 2.6 mi. South West of Central St. George's Grenada
Eco Dive (473) 444-7777 0.5 mi. South-Southeast of Downtown St. George Grenada
Lumbadive (473) 443-8566 3.0 mi. South West of Central Hillsborough Carriacou
Native Spirit Scuba (473) 439-7013 1.9 mi. South of Downtown St. George Grenada

Dive Services

Take a moment to look through this table to learn more about the typical cost of dive services in this area.

Dive Services
Offering Type Low Rate High Rate
Discover Scuba $ 110.0 $ 135.0
Double Tank Dive $ 98.0 $ 136.0
Night Dive $ 46.0 $ 100.0
Open Water Certification $ 405.0 $ 550.0
Single Tank Dive $ 55.0 $ 78.0

Dive Sites

The chart right below has a few details regarding some of the area's dive sites.

Dive Sites Near Grenada
Name Latitude Longitude
Angel Reef 12.0309821051 -61.7768096924
Bianca C 12.0205726715 -61.7958641052
Boss Reef 12.0440912635 -61.7638921738
Buccaneer 12.0816687023 -61.7750072479
Dragon Bay 12.0909007947 -61.7649650364
Fiona 12.0317516054 -61.7682266235
Fisherman's Paradise 11.9984093107 -61.8051338196
Flamingo Bay 12.1093640131 -61.7547511845
Grand Mal 12.0724980716 -61.7556524277
Happy Valley 12.104412636 -61.75792692
Hema 1 11.9797705286 -61.7974948883
Hildur 12.0778755213 -61.7651367188
Japanese Gardens 12.0181381491 -61.7827320099
Kahonee 12.0203208254 -61.7874526978
Kapsis 11.9974857978 -61.8019580841
King Mitch 11.9766639397 -61.8013572693
Northern Exposure 12.0511422422 -61.7689990997
Purple Rain 12.0186418452 -61.7927742004
Quarter Wreck 12.0224195359 -61.7812728882
Red Buoy 12.049043756 -61.7631196976
Rum Runner 12.0280439993 -61.792345047
Seaview 12.4507650598 -61.4947605133
Shakem 12.0251058615 -61.7865943909
Shark Reef 11.9831289628 -61.784362793
Southern Comfort 12.0488758764 -61.770029068
The Cove 12.1310147185 -61.7586993962
Tropical Hill 12.4351755428 -61.5002536773
Underwater Sculpture Park 12.0820043999 -61.7659091949
Unity Courier 12.0277082138 -61.7730331421
Valleys 12.0462737291 -61.7769813538
Veronica L 12.0526951114 -61.7747068405
Westsider Wreck 12.4855447445 -61.4939022064
Whibbles 12.0186418452 -61.7985248566
Windmill Shallows 12.0351793433 -61.7798137665

To learn more concerning diving, including tips and suggestions for both "old pros" and beginners, read our extensive Caribbean diving page.

Underwater Sculpture Park

In 2006 Grenada opened an Underwater Sculpture Park, the brain child of England’s Jason Taylor. The sculptures tell the story of Grenada’s history, as well as showcases folklore and different aspects of Grenada’s culture. Since the sculptures were first placed in the shallow waters, they have become artificial reef, and snorkelers and divers have the unique opportunity of not only viewing the unique artwork, but marine life as well.


There are a few tips that both snorkelers and divers will find are worth noting.

  • Be aware of currents and stay watchful of your location. Getting too far off course can make returning difficult.
  • Wear a watch so you don't lose track of time - it's easy to do underwater.
  • Don't feed the fish or touch the animals or coral. Their protective layers can be stripped away.
  • Never stand or walk on a reef, and tread carefully in shallow water around reefs. (Shuffle your feet to avoid stingrays, and watch out for sea urchins, spines.)
  • Never wear jewelry. Caribbean fish, barracudas especially, seem to be drawn to shiny objects that look like their natural prey, small silver fish.
  • Avoid jellyfish, fire coral, and other stinging creatures.
  • Never reach into holes or crevices; animals - especially moray eels - like to make their homes in them.
  • Shark sightings are rare, and sharks that are spotted are usually passive. If you do see a shark, stay calm, and if necessary, move slowly out of the water.
  • Never remove anything from dive sites and reefs; it is illegal to do so.

Pick your poison. Whether you choose to snorkel, dive, or both, the beauty to be discovered under Grenada’s waters is unparalleled.


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