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Local Grenadian dishes are easy to find and not to be missed

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Grenada Food

Because of its rich fertile soil and heavy rainfall, Grenada produces some of the best fresh herbs and vegetables in the Caribbean. Island livestock gets fat on the lush vegetation, which makes for delicious meat dishes. Tourists can find Grenadian cuisine everywhere on the island, including trendy restaurants and hotels.


If you choose to stay in and dine, most of the island's hotels and resorts have delightful dining options, including on-location elegant restaurants specializing in international and local foods, or if you're up for a night on the town, Grenada has a variety of fine restaurants and eateries scattered around the island, though Grand Anse and St. George's have the highest concentration of options.

You may want locate the best restaurants on hotel properties at our Best Hotels for Dining Options page, and even search for restaurants closest to your potential accommodations by checking out our A to Z Hotel Search. Here you'll be able to select hotels that catch your interest, and learn details about what the property has to offer, including any on site restaurants. 

After a long day of exploring Grenada, you may not be primed for a meal in an upscale bistro. Many moderately priced restaurants on the island will appeal to casual diners or travelers on a budget. Meals in most mid-level restaurants cost $10(USD) to $25(USD). These prices don't include drinks or tips, so be sure to leave room in your budget for these little extra expenses. Many casual restaurants offer outdoor seating where you can enjoy your meal before a beautiful island sunset.


Vacationers who want to enjoy a more elegant meal should try restaurants like Cicely's in the Calabash hotel, which serves exquisite dishes including honey-roasted breast of duckling in a special sauce. Expect to pay up to $55(USD) for a meal here. If spending that much on a meal sounds daunting, remember that inexpensive meals less than $10(USD) are very easy to find.

Many upscale restaurants on the island require proper attire, so if you're not sure about the dress code, call ahead to find out. If you're dining during the high season, you'll definitely want to call ahead anyway to make a reservation, which couldn't hurt at casual restaurants during the peak season either.

Culinary Styles


Tourists can choose from a variety of dishes when feasting on Grenada: from romantic dinners of chilled lobster mousse to a more casual meal of fried conch fritters. For a meal on the go, several fast-food restaurants, including KFC, are located around the region. The "Spice Island" offers food to meet the tastes of even the most conservative palates.  To learn more about the island's personal take on food, visit our article about Culinary Styles on Grenada.  Here you will learn about cultural influences, as well as find out just what exactly many of the popular island dishes are made of.

One final word of advice with regard to food on Grenada:  Fish Friday is culinary an event you won't want to miss.  Every Friday throughout the year, the fishing village of Gouyave, on the island's west coast, hosts this outdoor event.  Live music floats through the air as locals set up vendor booths selling produce, fresh sea food, beverages, and delectable prepared meals for guests to dine on. 


There are a number of distilleries on Grenada that produce the most popular alcoholic beverage in the Caribbean: rum.  Westerhall, the Rivers Rum Distillery, and Clarke's Court are just a few notable names that produce a beverage so easily introduced into mixed beverages to kick them up a notch.  The beer of choice on Grenada is Carib, which is brewed on Trinidad and Tobago, and freshly squeezed fruit juices make for a great choice for those who are not imbibing.

Finding the right kind of food for the right price will depend on your particular tastes as well as your budget, but Grenada can definitely supply meals to meet the needs of your wallet as well as your appetite.


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