Culinary Styles

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A trip to any foreign country is not complete without sampling the culinary offerings that define that country's culture.  In Grenada, the goal is to create flavorful cuisine using local produce, spices, and meats. 

Grenada's culinary style reflects West Indian cooking, which combines African, French, Spanish, and Indian ingredients, spices, and techniques. The island is notorious for its soups and fresh seafood dishes that combine the region's many international influences with its fresh and plentiful harvests.

Grenada's national dish is called oildown...


The flavors in Caribbean cuisine are inventive and daring, and dining is as alluring as the endlessly blue waters and clean sands. Whether you are enjoying the heat of a traditional West Indian dish or sipping a fruity cocktail made with a smooth local rum, food and drink in the Caribbean are an integral part of the experience.

Grenada's visitors enjoy the experience of feasting on Caribbean dishes that are almost wholly prepared from local ingredients. Grenada produces a large portion of the world's nutmeg supply, and it also supplies cloves, mace, cinnamon, and ginger, which is why Grenada is known as the Isle of Spice. Chefs make good use of the fruits of local spice trees. When skilled hands combine the seasonings with locally grown fruits and vegetables and freshly caught fish, you're in for a rare treat. Local seafood often includes lambi (conch), caviar, flying fish, and lobster. Mangoes, yams, and plantains are among the locally grown produce.


A staple of Caribbean cuisine is callaloo soup, made from a spinach-like leaf with crab meat, okra, and peppers. Rotis are also an immensely popular and generally inexpensive Caribbean dish. These curry-spiced wraps are made from pastry or bread and are filled with beef, chicken, or vegetables. Grenada's national dish is called oildown, made using salted meat, dumplings, coconut milk, and vegetables. Pepper pot is made with a variety of meats and is flavored with pepper, garlic, onion and chives. Vacationers with adventurous palates should sample pickled pig or manicou (possum). Curries, spices, and other sauces are used to perfect most seafood and meat dishes.

Ice creams, fruit punches, and drinks are popular on the island. Try the nutmeg ice cream or another inventive flavor. Fruit punches are made from a variety of fruits and are refreshing on a hot day.  In recent years, the chocolate industry has begun to explode, and given the chance you won't want to leave without sampling a dessert made from local cocoa such as turffles or even a cocoa tea.  Carib, a lager brewed on Trinidad and Tobago, is the local beer of choice. Rums are ubiquitous in the Caribbean, and Grenada has several well-known distilleries. Westerhall is known for a number of smooth rums that can sipped straight or combined with mixed drinks. Rums from Clarke's Court include Special Dark and the spicy and buttery Old Grog. The Rivers Rum distillery is a centuries-old distillery that uses a water mill in the production of its handmade and powerful rum.

After learning about all that the Grenada culinary scene has to offer, it's probably safe to say  that you can't wait to get to the island and sample some of the treats that most appeal to you. Our Restaurant Directory affords you the opportunity to search for restaurants on the island by name - and perhaps more importantly - by cuisine.  This will ensure you find a place to sample each of the dishes that most intrigues you. 

Another one of our searches allows you to pull up any hotel you are considering at through the A to Z: Hotels in Detail, where you can find out which restaurants are located on property and in the area surrounding your accommodations while at the same time obtaining further information about everything the hotel offers guest.  Finally, if you are interested in finding hotels that have restaurants on property, check out the Hotels for Best Dining Options page.

Regardless of your budget, you won't be disappointed by the West Indian cuisine and refreshing libations that are abundant on Grenada. The smooth rums, intoxicating fruits, fresh seafood, and spicy flavors are very accessible in most restaurants and are sure to add to the enjoyment of any Caribbean experience.


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