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Research all your possibilities on enchanting Grenada

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The nation of Grenada is made up of the islands of Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique. The three are located in the far south of the Caribbean, just above Trinidad and Tobago. Grenada is home to more spice trees per square mile than any other place in the world. Whether you travel here to enjoy the area's 45 beaches, dense rainforests, old spice plantations, or the beautiful architecture of St. George's, conducting research prior to your vacation will allow you to plan a memorable visit to the tropical Isle of Spice.

Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is usually what sparks the initial interest in a vacation destination because people often trust the opinions of friends and colleagues more than any other source of information. Perhaps a coworker discovered one of the island's more remote waterfalls, or a relative had the best meal of her life at a local restaurant. Prospective vacationers should ask after fellow travelers' experiences on Grenada.

The Internet

Once Grenada has piqued your interest, start consulting other sources for information. Begin with Internet searches. Millions of sites, such as official tourism sites, online magazine archives, directories, and message boards, offer travel data on a wide spectrum of topics.


In addition to surfing this site, consult the Grenada Board of Tourism (, which is the region's official resource for prospective travelers. Official tourist sites are very reliable when it comes to regularly updating information on news, accommodations, weather, and more. You can also consult the Grenada Hotel and Tourism Association ( and the Carriacou and Petite Martinique Tourism Association ( for even more information on traveling and lodging in the area. For general news and event calendars, check the official site of the Caribbean Tourism Organization ( With the wealth of useful information available on the Internet, you could easily learn everything you need to know about Grenada online. Then, you can book your trip.

In fact, Internet vendor sites that are normally used for booking your trip can also be helpful sources of information in and of themselves. Vendor sites display large lists of results for air travel, hotel accommodations, and more. Interested travelers can browse through these listings to get a sense of how much their trip will cost and what staying on the island will be like. Hotel listings can provide travelers with an idea of where many hotels on the island are concentrated and what kind of services and amenities they offer their guests.

Online magazine archives and yellow-page directories are other useful Internet research tools. Mining information from feature articles and advertisements in travel magazines pulled from newsstands can be very useful, but to obtain back issues, you'll probably need to visit the magazine's Web site, which often will feature archives that will allow you to search by keyword, such as "diving." Internet yellow pages and other phone and business directories will help in the later stages of research by providing contact information for businesses and services. Travelers looking for certain types of restaurants, scuba dive shops, or guide services can use these phone directories to discover their options.

When you've exhausted these sites, simply plug search terms into engines such as Google for thousands of sites. Search results are often sorted by relevance to your search terms, but not all sites will be helpful, or even relevant for that matter. One type of site you'll likely encounter is the electronic message and bulletin board. These sites can and do contain both helpful and unreliable information. Fellow Internet users can post messages to these sites that deal with a variety of topics. Often, different boards or "threads" are used for different topics. Travelers ask questions or post comments and these posts are usually supplemented by comments and answers from other travelers. You can spend time browsing past discussions or create a new thread by posting your own question.


For travelers who prefer other methods of research, travel guides are tried and true ways to get information. Travel sections stock books that address both general Caribbean travel and travel specifically to Grenada. After consulting general Caribbean travel guides for basic tips for traveling in the region, turn to Grenada guidebooks for a world of specific information. You will find useful travel tips, hotel listings, ecoadventure advice, and more. Different guidebooks provide information aimed at different kinds of travelers, such as honeymooners, ecotourists, older travelers, or singles. Don't forget to browse the magazine rack before leaving.

Many sources for reliable information are available to potential visitors to Grenada. Learning about all the opportunities that await you in this Lesser Antilles paradise is easy, no matter how you choose to search.


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