Need Help Making Decisions for Your Trip to Grenada?

Vacationers have several important decisions to make as they plan a trip to Grenada

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Before you leave for Grenada, you will have to make several decisions. Chief among them are how to travel to the island, where to stay, and what to do once you arrive. Planning for these events will provide a sturdy outline for your trip. Once you arrive, you can fill in the blanks with a little spontaneity, but setting up a basic structure will make your travels run more smoothly and ensure your vacation meets your expectations.

Arriving on Grenada

Vacationers have a number of transportation options to consider as they plan a trip to Grenada. Flying remains one of the most popular ways to reach the Caribbean because it is fast and convenient. Grenada's Point Salines International Airport receives large passenger jets from cities all over the world. To get to Carriacou, you will need to catch a small plane to Lauriston Airport. Ferries can also take you to Carriacou as well as neighboring Petite Martinique.


If you want to see as much of the South Caribbean as possible, many cruise lines offer tours that include Grenada on the itinerary. You may only spend a day or two if you visit by cruise ship, but many people enjoy the journey on the blue Caribbean seas as much as reaching their final destination.

Independent ocean adventurers with Caribbean sailing experience may choose to charter a yacht to Grenada. A popular sailing destination, Grenada offers several ports of entry and yacht facilities. Sailing in the Caribbean can be a challenge, however, and should only be attempted by the experienced.

Once on the island, you will have to choose a method of transportation. Taxis can become expensive if you want to tour the area extensively but are abundant and reliable for the occasional short trip. You may wish to rent a car if you plan to move around the region frequently, but roads and drivers can be unpredictable, not to mention that drivers stay to the left-hand side of the road here. Minivan buses are perhaps the most inexpensive way to tour the island.

Where to Stay

Nearly as important as finding a way to travel to the island is finding a suitable place to stay. Your accommodations should reflect the type of vacation you wish to have.

Most tourists traveling to Grenada stay in the St. George's and Grand Anse area, where beautiful beaches, shopping, and restaurants are never far. Explore options for resorts and all-inclusives in this area. Complete vacation packages that will allow you to stay in one place are available at most all-inclusives.

If you'd prefer to stay away from the heavy traffic of the capital region, look into accommodations in the central and northern areas of Grenada, where privacy and seclusion are big selling points. Vacationers can also opt to stay on Carriacou for a very quiet and less crowded vacation experience.

What to Do

The decision of where you'll stay is also related to what you'd like to do on Grenada. Shopping, nightlife, and beautiful beaches are part of the experience of staying in the Grand Anse and St. George's area of the island. St. George's also has a number of attractions and historical sites to interest tourists, including a fort, museums, a harbor, and a number of churches. This area's beaches are beautiful but populated. For more secluded beaches, try the sands on the northern coast of the island or on Carriacou. Diving and snorkeling are popular in the more populated southeastern area of Grenada.

Travelers who wish to explore the central part of the island can enjoy Grand Étang National Park and branch out to the west and east to see nutmeg processing at Gouyave and Grenville. There are also a number of waterfalls throughout the island, as well as old spice estates. To lounge in peace and solitude, opt for day trips to Carriacou or Petite Martinique.

Although you have a number of decisions before you as you plan your trip, rest assured Grenada is an accessible island that offers accommodations and experiences to suit most styles.


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