What Should You Pack for a Trip to Grenada?

Packing for your Grenada vacation takes a little bit of effort that will pay off in the long run

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Packing for Grenada

A vacation on Grenada means days spent on the beach (or at the very least by the pool), trips to tour the island's natural side, and perhaps visits to some museums or historic landmarks. By planning properly, you can ensure that you have everything you need to properly dressed in every situation.

First and Foremost

Grenada's visitors will need to provide customs officials with a passport that is valid for up to six months after the date of entry into the country. They will also need to show proof of a return or onward ticket. It is smart to keep these documents on your person, but also to make copies and keep them in a separate location such as your checked luggage. In the event these items are lost or stolen, you will be happy to have back ups.

You will also want to make sure you have cash on hand. The official form of currency on Grenada is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar, though the United States Dollar and credit cards are widely accepted. Though you may feel most comfortable using a credit card, having a small amount of cash on hand is a good idea, in case you encounter a location that only takes local currency.

If you are bringing medication with you in your carry on bag, make sure you also bring your prescription slip, or a note from your physician to show to customs officials proof of your medical needs.


You will also want to make copies of your hotel and rental car confirmation, as well as proof of pre-planned, and pre-paid activities.

Click here for a checklist of some other important documents you might want to bring.


In Grenada, people try to remain neat, even though they are often casually dressed, and in clothing suitable for the weather. For tourists, this translates to light-weight, breathable fabrics in light colors, that will defend against the unrelenting rays of the sun. Think linen shorts or khakis and cotton t-shirts or tank tops. Comfortable shoes are also important, like athletic shoes or hiking boots.

One thing you definitely don't want to forget are your undergarments. Make sure to pack enough pairs, as well as enough socks and pajamas to make it through your trip. Find a checklist of some clothing items you should bring by clicking here.

Formal Wear

While formal wear will not be appropriate as you tour the island, certain occassions may pop up in which you do want to dress up. This could be a nice dinner out, a night at a club, or a previously planned event. For these times, men should bring along a collared shirt and slacks along with closed-toe leather or deck shoes, and women should bring a nice sun dress, cocktail dress, or pants suit, along with the appropriate shoes and accessories.

Swim Wear

Grenada's beaches are probably the reason you are planning a trip to the Caribbean in the first place, so the odds of you forgetting your swim suit is pretty slim. You may want to consider, however, packing two or more. This will allow you to have the option of a fresh, dry suit each day, while others suits previously worn remain in your hotel room to dry.

Along with your swim suit, bring a cover-up, such as an over-sized t-shirt or a sarong. It is not considered to be proper manners to go into a restaurant or shop, or just walk around town, in only your bathing suit, so a cover-up will come in handy. Don't forget a pair of sandals or flip flops, a sun hat, and a pair of sun glasses.

Toiletries and Health Care

If you feel more comfortable traveling with your own toiletries, rather than using what the hotel has to offer, you can do so without taking up tons of extra space. Just pick up the travel sized version on your favorite products (or travel sized bottles that you can pour your favorite products into), and pack them in a small toiletries bag. These items might include dental hygiene, hair, and body products. You also have the option of shopping for them once you reach Grenada, but you will likely find them to be less expensive back home. View our checklist on Toiletries and Personal Items to make sure you remember everything.

Mosquitoes and sand fleas are a small problem that most visitors face on Grenada, with the mosquitoes coming out more so at night. Make sure to pack bug repellent to guard against them, and a tube of hydrocortisone cream or Benadryl to provide relief to you if you are bit. Make sure you are all set by clicking here for a checklist.

What Else To Pack

Even as far south as Grenada is, night time temperatures can sometimes drop to be cool enough that some visitors would feel comfortable covering up. For this reason, you should plan to bring a sweater or wrap to keep you warm after the sun goes down. Rain is also a threat on the island, but nothing a rain jacket, poncho, or umbrella can't protect you from as you explore.

Many travelers like to bring a few entertainment items to keep them occupied during their down time. You may consider a book or e-reader, a personal journal, a deck of cards, your lap top, a hand-held video game system, a DVD player,or an mp3 player. If you are bringing electronics along, be warned that the plugs you are used to may not work on Grenada. Instead, you will need the three-prong plugs that are common in Europe. Some hotels have adapters available, but you should contact your place of lodgings before you leave your home to ensure this is the case for you.

One final item you won't want to forget is your camera. With the advent of cameras on cell phones, many vacationers feel they won't need to bring a separate camera, but we urge you to do so. You will want to take many pictures to commemorate your trip – and an extra memory card would be a wise idea as well. View a checklist of what other kinds of electronics you will need by clicking here.

Additionally, view our checklist of Other Miscellaneous Items for some other things you might want to bring.

Packing Concerns

If you are worried about the airline losing your luggage, you can arrive on Grenada prepared. Pack one full change of clothes, plus your bathing suit, and any small valuables in your carry on bag. This way you will be able to make it through one full day in clean clothes while the airport locates your belongings, or until you are able to go out and purchase more.

Another concern is over- or under-packing. You can avoid either by packing interchangeable clothing. These would be items that you can wear more than once in two or more ways to make fresh looking outfits. Try linen shorts with a few different shirts, or a collection of colored shirts or tank tops that can be layered to provide you with a new look each day.

Packing for your Grenada vacation can be exciting, as you imagine all the places you will be wearing the clothes you put in your suit case. Feed off this excitement and enjoy the time you spend packing, rather than dreading it.


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