Planning Your Vacation on Grenada

Considering minor details of your trip can make for a more enjoyable vacation

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Grenada Travel Planning

With the excitement of an upcoming tropical island getaway to Grenada, it's easy to overlook the little details that can make your trip more enjoyable. Planning is necessary to get the most from your vacation and to avoid many unpleasant surprises that go along with being unprepared. Looking ahead will help you uncover the wondrous potential that gorgeous Grenada has to offer.

Grenada's friendly people and lush landscape make it a popular destination spot for ecotourists and vacationers looking for a beautiful beach to bask on. Before you leave, decide what kind of vacation you want to have. Research activities and sites you're particularly interested in. Also, take some time to roughly hammer out a budget to stay within while you are away.


Although Grenada is a relatively small island, its geography divides it into distinct regions that offer vacationers different activities and habitats to explore. You should have some idea about what part of the island you want to stay on. Some parts of Grenada are covered with rainforests, where hiking and other outdoor activities are superb, while other areas are more developed and very popular among tourists. Carriacou, a close neighboring island, is another option for a place to stay. This sister island is a yachting paradise, and is extremely popular among boaters, especially because of its annual regatta.

You will also need to choose how you'll book your vacation. Many travelers feel the Internet is the fastest and most convenient way to secure airline and hotel reservations. Some prefer the personal assistance of a travel agent or at least a human voice over the telephone. Choose the method you are most confident using.

Planning your vacation to Grenada means making personal decisions about your ideal vacation. Whether you want to devote your days to trekking through the rainforests or visiting historical sites, a little planning will ensure your trip to Grenada is an unforgettable experience.


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