Rental Cars on Grenada

Rental cars give travelers freedom and flexibility in their plans

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Rental cars allow you to control your daily activities and to see parts of Grenada you didn't even know existed. But drivers should always be aware of road rules and unusual driving conditions before setting out on an island road trip.

Renting a Car

Rental cars allow you to explore at your leisure. Vacationers in both Carriacou and Grenada can take advantage of a rental car to get away from the crowds and experience the more remote and intriguing sites on the islands.

The chart below lists the rental agencies located in this general area.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
A&E Rental Cars (473) 435-1444 St. George's
Alexander's Rent-A-Car (473) 435-0131 Richmond Hill - Downtown St. George
Archie Auto Rentals (473) 405-2905 2.0 mi. (3.3 km) West-Northwest of L' Anse aux Epines
Avis Spice Isle (473) 440-3936 Paddock & Lagoon Road - Downtown St. George
Azar's Rentals (473) 439-2911 West End Road - L' Anse aux Epines
C & J Auto Rentals (473) 444-5180 Le Phare Bleu Petit Calivigny - Grand Anse
C Thomas & Sons Car Rental (473) 444-4384 True Blue Avenue - True Blue Bay
Dabs Car Rentals (473) 444-4116 Grand Anse
David's Sun Car Rentals (473) 444-3399 Downtown St. George
Dollar Rent-A-Car (473) 444-4786 Dusty Highway - Grand Anse
Fas Car Rentals (473) 443-2293 Grand Anse
Gabriel's Rental & Taxi Service (473) 443-2304 Westerhall Street - Prickley Bay
Grenada Car Rental (473) 443-0600 Grand Anse
Hill Crest Car Rentals (473) 444-4193 True Blue - True Blue Bay
Indigo Car Rentals (473) 439-3300 True Blue Bay Resort - True Blue Bay
Indigo Car Rentals- Airport Road (473) 439-3300 Airport Road - Mardigras
Island Rent -A-Car (473) 443-5624 St. Davids
Jerry's Auto Service & Rentals (473) 440-1730 Frequente - Downtown St. George
L & A Rentals (473) 444-4984 Downtown St. George
M&M Maitland Motor Sales & Rental (473) 444-4022 Grand Anse
MCR Car Rentals (473) 440-5398 Paddock - Grand Anse
Radar's Car Rental (473) 439-2553 Maurice Bishop Highway - Calliste
Reggie's Car Rental (473) 440-6374 Mont Tout - Grand Anse
Roc Rentals (473) 444-4786 Grand Anse
Sanvics Jeep & Car Rentals (473) 444-4753 Grand Anse
Vehicle Service & Rental (473) 443-5877 Calivigny - Grand Anse
Vista Rentals (473) 534-2277 Spice Island Beach Resort - Grand Anse
Wontees Payless Car Rentals (473) 442-6913 Gladstone Road - Grenville
Y & R Car Rentals (473) 444-4448 Coyaba Beach Resort - Grand Anse

The Cost of Renting a Car

The following tables offer a general indication of the local rental market. The low rates in the tables only apply to the least expensive agencies during the off season. The high rates are what you might need to pay during the high season at one of the busier agencies.

Vehicle Rentals, Daily Rates
Rental Type Low Rate High Rate
Compact Car $ 45.00 $ 60.00
Light SUV $ 48.00 $ 65.00
Mid Size Car $ 49.00 $ 64.00
Standard SUV $ 55.00 $ 75.00
Heavy SUV $ 63.00 $ 85.00
Mini Van $ 72.00 $ 92.00
Vehicle Rentals, Weekly Rates
Rental Type Low Rate High Rate
Mid Size Car $ 280.00 $ 400.00
Compact Car $ 287.00 $ 350.00
Light SUV $ 288.00 $ 405.00
Standard SUV $ 350.00 $ 425.00
Heavy SUV $ 364.00 $ 500.00
Mini Van $ 420.00 $ 565.00

Some rental car agencies will rent to travelers who are 21 years old, but most require drivers to be at least 25. Most rentals come with unlimited mileage, and some companies provide vehicle drop-off and pick-up services. Rates will include a 5 percent government tax and $12(USD) to $15(USD) per day for collision damage insurance. You may also need to return the car with a full tank of gas.


Travelers must secure a Grenada driving permit before taking the wheel. Permits may be obtained by providing a valid driver's license at the police station in Carenage and paying a fee of $30(EC), or $11(USD). Many rental agencies can also provide drivers with the local permit.

Requirements and restrictions can vary. If you are concerned about minimum and maximum age restrictions, insurance requirements and the like, consider contacting each firm directly, before making a final decision.

View the chart below that will show you an array of refueling locations in this general area.

Gas Stations
Name Phone Location
Botanical Gardens Service Station (473) 440-2832 Paddock - Grand Anse
Deco Service Station -- Mt. Gay
Gouyave Gas Station -- Gouyave
Grand Anse Gas Station (473) 444-4755 Grand Anse
Guess Gas Station (473) 435-6928 Burns Point - Grand Anse
Shell Gas Pump -- Gouyave
Texaco Star Mart (473) 444-5476 Grand Anse
Tivoli Gas Station (473) 442-7238 Tivoli

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