American Cuisine on Grenada

If you've got a hankering for American cuisine, don't miss out on an opportunity to satisfy your hunger. You may be a bit limited in your options, but there are a few locations on Grenada specializing in this this type of food.

From the informal locale of Lexus Inn Restaurant & Bar to the restaurants where cocktails are just as crucial as the the food on the plate, you may very well stumble upon something worth sending a postcard about.

Below, you can read up on the few choices for American places you'll encounter as you're out on the town. Find one that whets your appetite and click its name to read more about its ambiance, food, and what's located nearby.

La Playa Beach Bar and Bistro

Hillsborough | (473) 410-4216

La Playa Beach Bar and Bistro

La Playa Beach Bar and Bistro, on the premises of Green Roof Inn, is situated toward the center of Hillsborough. Though one might say the overall focus is American culinary creations, this possible dining pick eagerly offers their barbecue and hamburgers.

Supporting the local market is important to La Playa, so you'll find some of the freshest ingredients are put to work in the menu here. The menu is simple, but filling and savory. During the day you'll find burgers, sandwiches, and salads, while at night the barbecue is lit. Top selling items include smoked lobster and gravalax barracuda.

Lexus Inn Restaurant & Bar

St. George's | (473) 444-4780

Lexus Inn Restaurant & Bar is a logical choice for people visiting this part of the city and its environs. As part of their panel of American cuisine, this potential favorite is known for its pizza and seafood.

Patty's Deli

Hillsborough | (473) 443-6258

Situated near the middle of Hillsborough, Patty's Deli is a good option for travelers who are going to spend time visiting this town and areas nearby. Thinking about American food, and definitely need some sandwiches? If this describes your cravings, there's no shame in it being the go-to solution that satisfies everyone.

The deli counter at Patty's Deli is filled with pre-cooked meats and cheeses. There is also a freezer full of USDA prime choice cuts of meat and seafood, and a refrigerator of juices, milk, and yogurt.

KFC Grand Anse

Grand Anse

Positioned in the heart of Grand Anse, KFC Grand Anse is a viable option worth considering if you're going to spend time visiting this part of the vicinity of St. George's. Does your whole family love chicken? If you say yes, make this restaurant a must-do item on your list.

KFC may not be a gourmet restaurant, but is comfortable dining area and friendly staff are great for a quick meal. Of course, you do not need to eat in the dining room, and can instead order your food to go.

Similar Food

Cabier Ocean Lodge Restaurant

Also worth considering if you really love American food, you will find similarly satisfying flavors at restaurants like the following:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Coconut Beach Restaurant (473) 444-4644 Creole 1.8 mi. South of Downtown St. George
The Nutmeg (473) 440-2539 Creole Downtown St. George
Oliver's Restaurant (473) 444-4258 Creole 1.8 mi. South of Downtown St. George
Cabier Ocean Lodge Restaurant (473) 444-6013 Creole 1.3 mi. East of Central Bellevue
Sur La Mer Restaurant (473) 444-2288 Creole 1.4 mi. North of Central True Blue Bay
Belmont Estate (473) 442-9524 Creole 0.0 mi. West of Central Belmont

And you might also be interested in the featured dishes served at places like those below:

Restaurants with Similar Specialties
Restaurant Name Phone Specialty Location Island
Charcoals Caribbean Grill (473) 440-4745 Barbecue 1.2 mi. Northeast of Central True Blue Bay
Chef's Castle Restaurant & Bakery (473) 440-4778 Hamburgers 1.9 mi. South of Downtown St. George
Beach Cabana (473) 439-9900 Barbecue 1.4 mi. North of Central True Blue Bay
Victory Bar & Restaurant (473) 435-7263 Barbecue Downtown St. George
Green Roof Inn Restaurant (473) 443-6399 Hamburgers 0.2 mi. East of Central Hillsborough
Sand Bar BBQ (473) 444-4565 Barbecue 0.9 mi. East of Central True Blue Bay
Oasis Grill (473) 444-4371 Hamburgers 1.8 mi. South of Downtown St. George
Lambie Queen Restaurant and Bar (473) 443-8162 Barbecue 2.7 mi. South West of Central Hillsborough
Barry's Country Retreat Restaurant (473) 442-0030 Barbecue 0.3 mi. South West of Central Sauteurs

Despite your dining plans, you may find the best cuisines on Grenada are the ones you wind up near unexpectedly during your daytime travels. That being said, you'll save yourself some stress if you plan on visiting specific venues. To find out more details regarding the culinary options waiting for you, check out this page.


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