International Cuisine on Grenada

Almost everywhere on Grenada, you'll be overwhelmed by the wide range of places to sit down to a meal. If you have a taste for International food in particular, then you won't want to miss the places where it's always on the menu. Lucky for hungry guests, there's plenty of options that feature this cuisine.

With many options, from the very casual backdrop at De Big Fish to the delicious breakfast, dinner and lunch at Victory Bar & Restaurant, you're bound to find something worth sending a postcard about.

Take time to preview the rather large selection of restaurants serving International cuisine awaiting Grenada's guests. For each restaurant, you can click its name to discover the details about its location, ambiance, and more.

The Beach House

The vicinity of St. George's | (473) 444-4455

Located 1.1 miles north-northwest of Bamboo, The Beach House is a good choice that's worth considering if you're thinking about spending some time visiting this part of Grenada. In case you're wondering, L' Anse aux Epines is approximately two miles (approximately three and a half kilometers) to the southeast. From the moment you sit down, you're in for fantastic, fine foods served in an atmosphere perfect for special occasions and dates; or maybe a much-needed break from less formal establishments. During the day, The Beach House Restaurant supports a casual atmosphere, where guests can come in right off the beach to enjoy a meal, but as the sky darkens, a more sophisticated ambiance begins to emerge. Regardless of the time of day, however, the Beach House always feels like a true Caribbean getaway with its wooden shutters, patio seating, and tropical greenery.

Rhodes Restaurant

The vicinity of St. George's | (473) 444-4334

Rhodes Restaurant, part of Calabash Hotel & Villas, is located close to Bamboo; it is 0.6 miles to the north of L' Anse aux Epines. Guests should expect a fine sampling of fare that offers a well-deserved break from quick-service restaurants. Rhodes enjoys an elegant atmosphere, complete with crisp, clean white table clothes, chair covers, and linens, paired with crystal glasses and candlelight.

Slipway Restaurant

Hillsborough | (473) 443-6500

Located near the middle of Hillsborough, Slipway Restaurant is a popular choice that's worth considering if you're exploring this town and the surrounding area. Lovely, mild seafood and International panache get along famously at this well-liked place. An a-symmetrical two-story shack overlooking a dinghy-dock, this restaurant is an open-air spot that promotes casual dining in a friendly atmosphere.

Victory Bar & Restaurant

Downtown St. George | (473) 435-7263

Victory Bar & Restaurant is located in downtown St. George, toward the center of St. George's. Speaking of delicious, specialty International cuisine, this possible dining pick is particularly known for its barbecue and pizza. The combination of Caribbean music throughout the dining room and views of the water gives this spot a tropical ambiance.

Petite Anse Restaurant

(473) 442-5252

Petite Anse Restaurant

Petite Anse Restaurant can be found 2.0 miles northeast of Industry; it's 6.9 miles to the northeast of Gouyave. Not only do they have festive fare including International themed dishes and of course chicken, but wouldn't you know they're also dubbed a hotspot for seafood. The dining room is constructed of dark woods and the tables are elegantly set, making it a sophisticated spot that isn't overly pretentious and remaining welcoming and relaxed in a setting that instantly puts you at ease.

International Restaurants
Name Location Island Type Phone Number
De Big Fish 0.6 mi. Northeast of Central Bamboo Grenada International (473) 439-4401
Green Roof Inn Restaurant 0.2 mi. East of Central Hillsborough Carriacou International (473) 443-6399
Grill Master 1.5 mi. North-Northeast of Central Bamboo Grenada International (473) 439-3377
New York's Finest Bagels 1.7 mi. North-Northeast of Central Bamboo Grenada International (473) 442-2435
Oliver's Restaurant 1.8 mi. South of Downtown St. George Grenada Caribbean, Creole, International (473) 444-4258
Petite Anse Restaurant 2.0 mi. Northeast of Central Industry Grenada Caribbean, International (473) 442-5252
Rhodes Restaurant 0.8 mi. East of Central Bamboo Grenada Contemporary, Eclectic, International (473) 444-4334
Ricks Cafe 1.9 mi. South of Downtown St. George Grenada International (473) 444-4597
Slipway Restaurant Hillsborough, Northeastern part of Grenada Carriacou Caribbean, International (473) 443-6500
The Beach House 1.1 mi. North-Northwest of Central Bamboo Grenada International (473) 444-4455
The Boatyard 0.6 mi. East of Central Bamboo Grenada International (473) 439-2523
The Red Crab 0.5 mi. East of Central Bamboo Grenada International (473) 444-4424
Tradewinds 1.8 mi. South of Downtown St. George Grenada International (473) 444-4371
Victory Bar & Restaurant Downtown St. George Grenada International (473) 435-7263

Despite your dining plans, you may find the best places to grab a bite on Grenada are those you happen upon while out visiting attractions and tourist hubs. Although, it doesn't hurt to have a concrete plan for some meals. To read more details regarding the types of food awaiting you, check out this page.


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