Seven Sisters Waterfall

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A popular hiking destination, Seven Sisters Waterfall is a well deserved reward for any person who successfully make the journey to see it. This collection of several falls located within the Grand Etang Raiforest offers up its refreshing pool to weary travels that make the hike. For both a magnificent view and a challenging experience, this waterfall is one to be seen by those who can. Once here, see if you can find the nearby hidden water fall, Honeymoon Falls.

Seven Sisters Waterfall is a collection of seven "steps" of large waterfalls that finally empty into an equally large pool. Do not hesitate to jump right in and swim up to the first fall and venture under the water. Or perhaps you can just float or lay on the coast, looking up at the walls of trees around you that continue for miles. These tree walls thankfully give the pool a mix of shade and sun, so no matter if you are trying to cool down or dry off, there is a spot for you.


Situated on the island of Grenada, 1.4 miles south of Morne Longue, Seven Sisters Waterfall happily welcomes residents and travelers who are rooming on this part of the island. Whether or not you are staying nearby, you should consider dropping by to enjoy a great time. Grenville is four miles (six and a half kilometers) to the east-northeast.

The only way to this waterfall is by hiking. Heading south out of St. Margaret will be the most direct route and will take you through several plantations where you can see local fruit and other vegetation. Since this trail will take you through a rainforest, it may be best to have a guide, or an experienced member in your party who knows the way.

Nearby Restaurants

Of course, one of the most delightful possibilities while spending an afternoon exploring the area is having fare at a restaurant within traveling distance of the waterfall. The most nearby eatery to Seven Sisters Waterfall is Adriel Cafe, an ideal locale to have a bite to eat at on your way to checking out the waterfall. Cabier Ocean Lodge Restaurant and La Sagesse Nature Center Restaurant are a couple other food and drink options near Seven Sisters Waterfall. At La Sagesse Nature Center Restaurant you can try out Caribbean cuisine and experience the culture of Grenada.

Nearby Attractions

Visitors that enjoy waterfalls, and have the energy to view some others, might consider a trip to Annandale Waterfalls and Au Coin Waterfall; the first and closest of which is 2.5 miles to the west of this waterfall. There are some other places of interest in the area, including Grand Etang National Park and Forest, which is two and a half miles away near Gouyave. Also, you might consider visiting Annandale Falls, which is another attraction not far away.

Waterfalls are a great attraction to visit, but there's more to visit on Grenada. The following chart includes some other attractions closest to Seven Sisters Waterfall.

Attractions Near Seven Sisters Waterfall
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Grand Etang National Park and Forest -- 2.4 mi. (6.4 km) WNW 4.0 mi. South of Gouyave
Annandale Falls -- 2.5 mi. (4.9 km) W Willis
De La Grenade Nutmeg Garden -- 3.1 mi. (3.7 km) SW 2.3 mi. East of St. George's
La Sagessee Nature Center -- 4.0 mi. (8.7 km) S St. Davids

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