Shopping on Grenada

Support the local economy when you pick up a few special souvenirs for you and your loved ones

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Supporters of local businesses will not want to miss a chance to shop on Grenada. Many of the best products available are sold by vendors who have set up shop for themselves selling goods that they love – form spices to handicrafts.

Where to Shop


When shopping on Grenada, go in with a plan of action. There are two shopping malls on the island, one in Grand Anse, and the other in Saint George's. There are a number of vendor markets in both towns, but souvenir shops and art galleries line the streets of St. George's in particular.

Espalande Mall is one of Grenada's two main shopping malls. There are over 50 stores here, many of which offer duty free shopping. Jewelry stores, clothing boutiques, perfumeries, and craft shops are all a part of the complex.

At the foot of Young Street in St. George's is Market Square, a popular open air market that sells an array of products. This is a great place to pick up your ubiquitous basket or spices, or crafts made by local artisans. The market is open Monday through Saturday, with Saturday being its busiest day of the week, especially before noon.

The Spiceland Mall and Grande Anse Vendors Market, both located on Grande Anse Beach, feature space for local vendors to sell their wares and produce. Spiceland Mall has 19 shops, while the Vendor Market has space for 80 booths.

There are also a number of independent shops you won't want to miss out on, that sell everything from toiletries made from local spices, to hand printed linens, and a number of other products. Since one-third of the island's shopping industry is dependent upon vendors who set up shop wherever there is need, if will be your job to hunt them down, and make a stop when you see something of interest.

Gifts and Souvenirs

When you visit an island called the “Spice Isle,” it is almost required that you return home with a variety of local spices. Vendors willing to sell you baskets filled with bay, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, mace, nutmeg, and vanilla are situated practically on every corner, so finding these items will not be an issue. These spices are also constantly used to create other products, such as jellies and jams, aloes to soothe sunburns, toiletries, candies, and alcohol. Grenada's rum is a special breed, made with local sugar cane and spiced for a unique flavor.

Outside of the spice industry, local crafts that are popularly sold include batiks, coral jewelry, fabric dolls, leather work, screen printed textiles, wood carvings, and woven baskets made from palm fronds.

It is important to know the local terminology when you purchase spices on Grenada. Below is a list of common slang that should be aware of:

  • Saffron - tumeric
  • Sweetie - candy
  • Vanilla - essence of tonka beans (a vanilla subsitute)

Some of the gift and souvenir shops located on Grenada are listed in the following table.

Gifts and Souvenirs On Grenada
Name Type Phone Location
Duty Free Caribbean Duty Free Store (473) 440-5356 Downtown St. George
King Souvenir Gift and Souvenir Shops (473) 435-4337 Downtown St. George
Square Duty Free Duty Free Store (473) 435-9239 Downtown St. George

Specialty Shops

One of the area's popular speciality shops is Aquanauts Grenada. They're found within True Blue Bay, in southwestern Grenada. Aquanauts is open every day of the year including all the major holidays. They offer two morning dives and one afternoon dive, with courses available upon request. Customers can reach them at (473) 444-1126.

Another good option is Lisa Herrera Gallery, which is found a short distance away to the east-southeast of Aquanauts Grenada. A local artist who specializes in oil paintings and Giclee prints, Lisa Herrera shows her work all over the country but also has a gallery that she runs. You can pick a piece to take home, or even place an order on-line when you return from your vacation. To reach them, call (473) 420-1086.

Scubatech Dive Center: The dive center is open 365 days a year (it is closed on January 1st and December 25th). It is open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and excursions generally start at 9:15, with everyone meeting 30 minutes before departure. If you want to call ahead, do so at (473) 439-4346.

Several of the specialty shops located on Grenada are displayed in the following chart.

Specialty Shops On Grenada
Name Type Phone Location
A Touch Of Elegance Flower Shop Florist (473) 442-7656 Grenville, Eastern part of Grenada
Aquanauts Grenada Dive Shop (473) 444-1126 1.8 mi. South-Southwest of Central Grand Anse
Be Dazzled Jewelers Jewelry Store (473) 435-8828 Downtown St. George
Caribbean Jewellers Jewelry Store 435-9009 Downtown St. George
Chloe's Flowers Florist (473) 442-5145 0.9 mi. Northeast of Central Grenville
Cutie's Beauty & Craft Supplies Art Supply and Craft Store (473) 440-1580 Downtown St. George
Glitter Jewelry Jewelry Store (473) 435-8681 Downtown St. George
House Of Tobacco Tobacconist and Cigar Shop (473) 440-8369 1.9 mi. South of Downtown St. George
Lisa Herrera Gallery Art Gallery (473) 420-1086 1.1 mi. Southeast of Central True Blue Bay
Lisa's Jewelry Store (473) 439-4404 2.4 mi. South-Southwest of Central St. George's
Milano 24 Jewelry Store (473) 435-9733 Downtown St. George
Mitchell's Flowers Florist -- 2.1 mi. East of Central St. George's
Royal Jewellers Jewelry Store 435-0786 Downtown St. George
Scubatech Dive Center Dive Shop (473) 439-4346 1.5 mi. South of Central Grand Anse
Shabbazz Jewellery Jewelry Store (473) 440-6402 1.9 mi. South of Downtown St. George
Shirma's Floral Creations Florist (473) 440-3624 Downtown St. George
Smithy's Garden Florist (473) 407-3019 1.9 mi. Southeast of Downtown St. George
Studio 34 Art, Art & Soul Art Gallery (473) 439-3450 2.4 mi. South-Southwest of Central St. George's

Clothing and Apparel

Looking for clothing? You might enjoy a visit to Art Fabrik Batik Boutique & Production Studio -- which is located within downtown St. George. Whether you're in the market for a new piece of clothing or not, a trip to Art Fabrik Batik Boutique & Production Studio is well worth the journey. Since 1986, this Grenadian boutique has been employing graduates from the School for the Deaf to create their luxurious batik offerings, as well as a beautiful collection of jewelry and other accessories. They are situated on Young Street.

The table just below lists more details regarding the apparel shops located on Grenada.

Clothing and Apparel On Grenada
Name Type Phone Location
Accessorized Clothing Accessory and Handbag Store (473) 439-4987 2.4 mi. South-Southwest of Central St. George's
Adonis Men's Clothing Store (473) 439-1212 2.4 mi. South-Southwest of Central St. George's
Art Fabrik Batik Boutique & Production Studio Boutique (473) 440-0568 Downtown St. George
Caribazaar Department Store Department Store (473) 440-0843 Downtown St. George
D Sports Shop Swimwear, Beachwear and Sportswear Store (473) 440-4858 Downtown St. George
Fashon World Clothing Store (473) 442-6555 Grenville, Eastern part of Grenada
Gail's Shoe Shop Shoe Store (473) 440-2027 Downtown St. George
Johnsons Sportwear Swimwear, Beachwear and Sportswear Store (473) 440-5594 Downtown St. George
Klassic Kollection Women's Clothing and Accessories Store (473) 439-3826 2.4 mi. South-Southwest of Central St. George's
Majestic Department Store Department Store (473) 440-8228 Downtown St. George
Niki's Shoe Shop Shoe Store (473) 444-4030 1.9 mi. South of Downtown St. George
No 1 Shoe Bar Shoe Store (473) 440-1008 Downtown St. George
Novelty Department Store Department Store (473) 440-7508 Downtown St. George
P & D Boutique & Shoe Store Shoe Store (473) 435-9390 Downtown St. George
PML Fashion Clothing Store (473) 442-5291 Grenville, Eastern part of Grenada
Save & Gain Department Store Department Store (473) 442-7639 Grenville, Eastern part of Grenada
Shalimar Department Store Department Store (473) 438-0337 Grenville, Eastern part of Grenada
Shoe Connection Shoe Store (473) 444-5633 2.4 mi. South-Southwest of Central St. George's
Shop N Save Department Store Department Store (473) 440-3851 Downtown St. George
Three B's Shoe Shop Shoe Store (473) 440-2176 Downtown St. George

Food and Grocery

Got the munchies? North South Wines is located in the vicinity of St. George's, in southwestern Grenada. As the largest wine specialist on Grenada, North South Wines takes their job seriously. The company operates out of a 9000 square foot climate control warehouse that distributes wines from around the world to local restaurants, hotels, and companies, as well as individuals and private yachters. If you have questions and want to call ahead of time, do so at (473) 439-9463.

Another place to consider is Real Value Supermarket, which is located 1.2 mi. (1.9 km) to the north of North South Wines. Real Value stocks all of your favorite grocery products in both dry, cold, and frozen sections as well as fresh meats and produce. They're located on Morne Rouge Road.

Grenada Chocolate Company: Founded on the idea that organic chocolate is superior and the creation should be a cooperative experience, the Grenada Chocolate Company Ltd. opened in 1999. You can reach them at (473) 442-0050.

You can look at the table below for more information about your options.

Food and Grocery Stores On Grenada
Name Type Phone Location
Blue Danube Grocery Grocery Store (473) 440-2919 Downtown St. George
Bobby's Tyre Mart Grocery Store (473) 440-6671 1.9 mi. South of Downtown St. George
Choice Bakery Bakery (473) 440-6262 Downtown St. George
Green Grocers Grocery Store (473) 444-3263 1.9 mi. South of Downtown St. George
Grenada Chocolate Company Confectionery and Nut Store (473) 442-0050 Sauteurs, Northern part of Grenada
Homade Bakery Bakery (473) 440-2375 Downtown St. George
Ideal Bakery Outlet Bakery (473) 440-9295 Downtown St. George
Meat and Meet Meat Market (473) 444-5296 2.2 mi. Southeast of Central Grand Anse
North South Wines Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (473) 439-9463 1.4 mi. South of Central Grand Anse
Pricemart Grenada Grocery Store (473) 440-6232 Downtown St. George
Real Value Supermarket Grocery Store (473) 439-2121 2.4 mi. South-Southwest of Central St. George's
Saga Liquor Store Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (473) 440-3512 1.9 mi. South of Downtown St. George
Springs Foodmart Grocery Store (473) 440-7774 1.8 mi. South-Southwest of Central Grand Anse
Sweet Traditions Confectionery and Nut Store (473) 440-1600 Downtown St. George
The Wine Shoppe Beer, Wine, and Liquor Store (473) 439-9463 2.4 mi. South-Southwest of Central St. George's

...plenty of duty free shopping...


Duties, Taxes, and Tips

The official currency of Grenada is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (EC), though the United States Dollar (USD), credit cards, and travelers checks are widely accepted. Still, since you are likely to be dealing with small vendors, converting your money upon arrival on the island would be most convenient for everyone.

There is plenty of duty free shopping to be had on Grenada, though far fewer than major cruise ports like the Bahamas and St. Thomas, USVI. Visitors will typically find products are 20 to 40 percent cheaper on Grenada than back home.

Business hours on Grenada vary from those in the United States. Most shops are open from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m., and on Saturdays from 8 a.m. until noon. Do not expect to spend a Sunday shopping, because most places will be closed.

When traveling, souvenir shopping is a given, but Grenada makes the practice into a whole new experience. Nowhere else will you find vendors who care so much about their products. Take your time, smell the spices, and pick out a few trinkets to take back home to show off to your friends.


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