Snorkeling Around Grenada

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On land, Grenada offers visitors a nice mix of natural and cultural attractions to visit – but there is a whole world off the coast that shouldn't be overlooked.  Coral reef systems, ship wrecks, a volcano, and even an artistic museum exist in the waters that surround the island of Grenada.  One of the best ways to make sure you get to see all of this, and more, is to plan some time to snorkel.  


Snorkelers need only a dive mask, fins, a snorkel, and a body of water. Using these items, they float with their head just below the water’s surface, viewing fish that swim around them, and marine habitats in shallow areas. In addition to the typical snorkeling equipment, a new mask has come on the market that connects the snorkel to a mask that covers the entire face so snorkelers are able to breath through both their nose and their mouth.  Few places have them for rent, so you'll have to buy it and bring it along with you as an investment if snorkeling is something you do frequently.  

Many accommodations have snorkeling equipment available for guests, but you can also rent equipment at local dive shops. Some of the more popular scuba diving locations may also have snorkel stands loaded with everything you need.

Grenada has great snorkeling sites on both the northern and southern tips of the main island, plus surrounding Grenada's sister island's of Carriacou and Petite Martinique.  From the shores of many beaches, like Grand Anse Beach, you'll have easy access to some pretty amazing underwater sites, but there are a few in particular that you should make a point to visit.  

One is the Underwater Sculpture Park near Moliniere Point.  It is the first of its kind in the Caribbean, and it both artistic and slightly haunting.  The largest underwater ship wreck, the Bianca C, in the region is also located off these shores, and an underwater volcano exists to be explored as well. The best way to see these sites is to sign up with a snorkeling tour which will cost you around $35(USD) per person.  

Snorkeling Sites

If you're looking forward to exploring below the water's surface you might enjoy Flamingo Bay. The reef here starts at nine feet then slopes to depths of 30 feet, then ending in a drop off. It is a bit rugged, with its sharp finger corals, but is has been noted as the "critter capital of Grenada" so there is plenty to see. This snorkeling site is situated in Molinere, Grenada.

Levera Beach is another snorkeling spot you might enjoy. If you're visiting between the months of May and September, make a stop over on the Atlantic Ocean side of this national park, then head over to the beachfront where you'll find coral reef waiting for you to explore.

A third location to consider is Morne Rouge Beach. These calm waters are great for families and beginning snorkelers, and often ranks as the top beach to snorkel at on the island.

A fourth location where you can go snorkeling is La Sagesse Beach. Part of a nature center that dons the same name, this site is called one of the top snorkeling areas by the Grenada Tourism Board thanks to the coral reef that protects three different beaches. If you want to check it out, this site is located in the southern part of Grenada.

Dragon Bay is a fifth site to consider. Located within this sheltered bay is a luminous coral garden filled with the seahorses that gave the bay their name. They are especially prominent in the summer time, and live within the soft corals that flourish here.

Be sure to look at the table below for summary info concerning 16 of the best places where you can enjoy snorkeling in this area.

Snorkeling Sites Near Grenada
Site Location Island
Flamingo Bay 2.8 mi. North of Central St. George's Grenada
Levera Beach 3.8 mi. North of Central La Poterie Grenada
Morne Rouge Beach 1.3 mi. North of Central True Blue Bay Grenada
La Sagesse Beach 3.8 mi. Southeast of Central Mardigras Grenada
Dragon Bay 1.9 mi. Northwest of Central Mt. Gay Grenada
Moliniere Point 1.9 mi. Northwest of Central Mt. Gay Grenada
Underwater Sculpture Park 1.9 mi. Northwest of Central Mt. Gay Grenada
Grand Mal Bay 1.5 mi. North of Downtown St. George Grenada
Glover Island 1.5 mi. South West of Central True Blue Bay Grenada
Hog Island 1.2 mi. East-Northeast of Central L' Anse aux Epines Grenada
Grand Anse Beach 1.8 mi. South of Downtown St. George Grenada
Sandy Island 2.6 mi. West of Central Hillsborough Carriacou
Tyrell Bay 3.1 mi. South West of Central Hillsborough Carriacou
Seaview 3.3 mi. South West of Central Hillsborough Carriacou
Anse le Roche 1.4 mi. North of Central Hillsborough Carriacou
Windward Cove 2.9 mi. Northeast of Central Hillsborough Carriacou

Snorkeling Boat Trips

Island Windjammers

Some people believe the most enjoyable snorkeling is accessed away from the shore.

If you're hoping to combine some snorkeling with a boating adventure, you should consider First Impressions. For any kind of water adventure, First Impressions has the equipment and expertise you need. This group offers tours around the waters of Grenada, such as whale and dolphin sighting, snorkel and diving tours, and basic party boats, First Impressions overall offers a day of fun in the sun.

Another option to investigate is Sunsation Sailing Tours. Since 1990 this tour company has been showing island guests around in a big way. Whether you prefer to head out and explore local waters for snorkeling, fishing, or sailing, go "adventure jeeping" or take a tour on foot, they have an adventure waiting for you. They're located within Grand Anse, in southwestern Grenada.

A third good option is Island Windjammers. Fully immerse yourself in life at sea when you book an extended crewed charter. Sail through the Caribbean at a relaxed pace, stopping to visit different islands, do some snorkeling, or just enjoy the sunset while you take in the beauty that surrounds you.

Some information concerning boat trips and day sails that provide snorkeling opportunities are displayed here:

Day Sails and Boat Trips On Grenada
Name Phone Location
Aquanauts Snorkeling (850) 303-0330 1.9 mi. South of Downtown St. George
First Impressions (473) 440-3678 0.4 mi. East-Northeast of Downtown St. George
Island Windjammers (877) 772-4549 0.4 mi. East-Northeast of Downtown St. George
Jambalaya (473) 417-0773 0.4 mi. East-Northeast of Downtown St. George
Shadowfax Banana Boat Tours (473) 437-3737 1.9 mi. South of Downtown St. George
Sunsation Sailing Tours (473) 444-1594 1.9 mi. South of Downtown St. George

Snorkeling Services

Grenada Seafaris Adventure

If you're looking for a place that offers snorkeling gear, excursions or similar services, you should check out Scubatech Dive Center Snorkeling Gear. ScubaTech allows guests to rent snorkel equipment according to their needs. They are located within L' Anse aux Epines, in the southwestern part of Grenada.

A second company worth knowing about is Deefer Diving. While they may not specialize in snorkeling trips, this center allows snorkelers to tag along for free when a buddy is diving. You can also rent your gear from them.

A third place to consider is Aquanauts Grenada. If you snorkel with them in the morning, you'll get to visit to sites, but the afternoon trip ony takes you to one. All trips include your guide, gear, a vest, fruit punch, rum punch, and fruit. They're found within True Blue Bay, in the southwestern part of Grenada.

Take some time to look through this table to see 10 firms that offer services of interest to snorkelers.

Snorkeling Services On Grenada
Name Type Phone Location Island
Aquanauts Grenada Snorkeling Equipment Rental Service (473) 444-1126 0.1 mi. South-Southeast of Central True Blue Bay Grenada
Deefer Diving Snorkeling Equipment Rental Service (473) 443-7882 Hillsborough, Northeastern part of Grenada Carriacou
Devotion 2 Ocean Snorkeling Tour Operator (473) 444-3483 1.9 mi. South of Downtown St. George Grenada
Dive Grenada Scuba Centre Snorkeling Tour Operator (473) 444-1092 1.4 mi. North of Central True Blue Bay Grenada
Eco Dive & Trek Snorkeling Tour Operator (473) 232-7777 0.5 mi. South-Southeast of Downtown St. George Grenada
Grenada Seafaris Adventure Snorkeling Tour Operator (473) 405-7800 0.4 mi. Southeast of Downtown St. George Grenada
Island Water World Watersports Equipment Shop (473) 435-2150 ext. 1 0.7 mi. Southeast of Downtown St. George Grenada
Lumbadive Snorkeling Tour Operator (473) 443-8566 Carriacou Carriacou
Native Spirit Scuba Snorkeling Tour Operator (473) 439-7013 1.9 mi. South of Downtown St. George Grenada
Scubatech Dive Center Snorkeling Gear Snorkeling Equipment Rental Service (473) 439-4346 0.7 mi. East of Central True Blue Bay Grenada

To learn more about snorkeling, including helpful suggestions and tips for beginners and "pros" read this extensive Caribbean snorkeling page.

Some of the most interesting underwater sites in the the Caribbean surround Grenada, and if you don't get in the water to explore you're missing out.  Snorkeling is a great, inexpensive way to make it happen.  


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