How Then Shall We Tip on Grenada?

Service may be included in your hotel or restaurant bill on Grenada

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Most visitors will find the people of Grenada to be friendly and welcoming hosts. You can return the warmth by leaving appropriate tips for helpful service staff in hotels, restaurants, and taxis.

Whether you have just enjoyed a meal of callaloo soup and fresh seafood or your hotel room has been spotlessly cleaned throughout your stay, you can show your appreciation for hard-working service staff by leaving appropriate tips. Often, workers in these industries rely heavily or even solely upon tips to make a living.


Restaurant and hotel bills on Grenada will generally include a government tax and a service charge. Government tax is a charge of 8 percent at both restaurants and hotels. Most restaurants and hotels will also include a service charge of 10 percent. However, you are welcome to leave additional tips to supplement these charges, especially when service is friendly, helpful, and professional. Always examine your bill to see what charges have been included. If the service charge is not included, leave 15 percent or more as a tip.

Taxi drivers and other service industry members such as porters and bellhops can be tipped. Taxi drivers in the Caribbean generally receive a 10 to 15 percent tip on the fare or tour, while porters and bellhops typically receive $1(USD) per bag.

Grenada is also a popular sailing site in the southern Caribbean, located at the bottom of the Windward Islands. Fully crewed charter boats are available to vacationers who have little or no sailing experience but who still wish to enjoy the adventure of sailing in the waters of the Caribbean. Travelers who choose this option should remember that the crew of the charter should be tipped 10 to 15 percent of the total cost. Crews depend upon these tips.

Tipping service staff should never be an afterthought. Hard working and friendly service industry workers should be rewarded with appropriate tips while on vacation on Grenada.


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